31/1/13 Thursday WOD Deadlifts all around

Another day, another doctor. Surprisingly I got an appointment at a sports doctor, I lookd at me and my arm and said it it probably pinched a nerv which causes the pain. He send me to get a X-ray and also told me sport doesn’t influence the pain… At least one good thing I could go on doing my workout. Tomorrow, after seeing the results, he will hopefully fix it. Fingers crossed…

Warm up
2 rounds
20 m bear crawl
20 m crab walk
20 m duck walk

10 ring rows
10 KB swings (8kg)

5 max rep of deadlifts
result: 70 kg (lol my body weight is 53,8kg)
20 m Lunges Walk (16kg KB)
10 Pull ups/20 Ring Rows
10 weighted Sit Ups (10kg)

result: 6 rounds

Wednesday WOD- Special Ari Edition

Finally I could go for a run and did a 9 km one in the morning… At night I went to the box but did a special workout not using my left arm, kind of frustrating…, but better than nothing, so KB snatches instead of Snatches and OHS, an exercises I do have to work on… :/

Painful Tuesday no training in the box

I had to leave work because of my arm pain and went to a doctor, which was disappointing, he had no clue about my pain and just asked me to take pain reliever from the pharmacy which do not really help. So I decided to skip CrossFit and did some home exercises…

10 min legs and butt
Tabata Sit ups (8 rounds 20s/10rest)
Tabata Squats (8 rounds 20s/10rest
3 min Squats (150)

WOD 28/1/13

I decided not to go to Bodycombat because of my left arm, so I did a home WOD and went to Crossfit

Home WOD Aphrodite
50-40-30-20-10 Burpees/Sit Ups/Squat
Time: 20:58 min

I am a little bit annoyed ’cause my left arm still hurts, it’s like cramps, hard to describe. I try not use it that much but it throws me backward, I am actually working on my pull ups and weightlifting above the head which is right now almost impossible. But because I am a little stupid a still do some…

Warm Up (teams of 3)

3 rounds of
10 Ring Rows
10 KB Swings (8kg)s

10 Dead Lift (just used 15 kg bar)

5 Hang Clean
5 Goblet Squat
5 Push Ups

5 Power Clean (used both 15 kg and 20 kg bar) plus press

5 Clean plus jerk press (15/20)

It was the first time to do the jerk, for me is it quite important to practice and have many reps to understand the technique which I did and it hurt, so I couldn’t focus on putting weight on it

5 x 2 Clean plus jerk

3×3 max Front squat (47.5/50/52.5kg), new PR
max of strict pull ups (was scared to do them, so did 3×3 negative pull ups wich didn’t stress my arm that much)

3×3 press (didn’t do it)
max rep of toes to bar (I did around 10 each time but had to stop because of my arm- didn’t do as much as I can)

Good Morning Paleo- Food challenge has started

Today is the first day of the “Be all you can be challenge”, an idea from our box to eat and live healthy. Basically we do use the idea of Paleo combining with sport, lot of water/tea and try to get a good night sleep. I already do eat very healthy and take care of my bodybut I normally eat bread, sometimes pasta and pizza (cheeseless). I love my plain bread in the morning and also one or two non fat Latte a day. I try to avoid them now for the next seven weeks, focusing on fish, fruits, vegetables, eggs (eggwhite). As vegetarian I do have more problems eating properly paleo style, so if I dont feel well, I ll let diary products back in my life

Day 1
– large Nespresso black coffee
– breakfast: red pepper, mushrooms, 2 eggwhite, tuna
– snack: banana strawberry shake (stevia), apples
– lunch: mixed salad (no dressing)
– afternoon: pomelo and apples, large black coffee
– after home WOD: 1 banana
– after Crossfit: banana and apple slices with cinnamon
– diner: Cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, brocoli with canned tuna, red frozen fruits, a bit pomelo

After day one I decided not to exclude diary products because as vegetarian it is quite hard to find the right paleo food, I really missed my milk coffee, a shake with banana and milk, my low fat cheese in between or just yoghurt. Also protein powder I do think is important to me because od all the sport I do. So I finished day one without any diary but today def milk again….

Day 2
– Nespresso non fat latte
– snack: large banana non fat milk shake with cinnamon
– breakfast: 1 pepper, 2 tomatoes, canned tuna, large black coffee
– snack: apples,pomelo, non fat cappuccino
– lunch: I went to the doc, was in a very bad mood and starving, so decided to cheat and ate two rolls (dinkel and potatoe roll)
– dinner: mushrooms, tomatoes, pepper and tuna
– snack: pomelo

Day 3
– nespresso non fat latte
– breakfast: scrambled eggs (one regular, three eggwhites), egg tomatoes, red peeper, frozen strawberries- banana shake
– snacks: fruits
– dinner: vegetables and tuna, pomelo

Day 4
31/1/13photo copy
– large nespresso latte
– breakfast: one egg sunny side up, canned tuna, boiled eggwhite,half red pepper, egg tomatoes, frozen strawberry-banana shake, pear, apple slices
– snack: pomelo
– after WOD protein shake (non-fat milk, chocolate/tasteless protein powder, water)
– sweet potatoes with mushrooms, tomatoes and pepper
– pomelo, apple

Day 5
– large nespresso macciato
– breakfast: shrimps, tuna, 3 tomatoes, 3 boiled eggwhites. banana-pinapple-mango shake, black coffee
– snack:
– after WOD: Protein Shake with non-fat milk and yoghurt+cinnamon
– lunch: Sweet Potatoe with mushrooms, tuna and peper
-snack: pomelo, apples
– dinner: sweet potatoe slices with spinach, aple, pomelo

Day 6
-breakfast: large black coffee, frozen wilberries-banana shake- after WOD: Protein powder-water shakeIMG_1280 – lunch: omlette, tomatoes, goatcheese, fresh orange juice, small cappuccino
– snack: fruit salad, apple crisps, pomelo, dried tomatoes
– nespresso non fat latte
– dinner: carrot, mango, ginger, coconut soup, stuffed zucchini with tomatoes, mushrooms, onions

Day 7
– snack: apple crisps
– nespresso non fat latte
– breakfast: (1 egg, 3 egg whites) scrambled eggs with onion, tomato, tuna, parsley and mushrooms, apple slices, frozen wildberries-banana shake, black coffee
– snack: apple, nespresso non fat latte, apple, small caffein free cappuccino (low fat)
– dinner: shrimps with lemon, green salad with pepper, onions, stuffed vegetarian zucchini, pomelo

Day 8 (already one week gone)
– l nespresso non fat latte, large black coffee IMG_1301
– snack: apple
– breakfast: egg white scrambled eggs with onion, mushrooms, canned tuna, parsley, plums, dried tomatoes
– snack:
– after WOD meal:Banana, non fat milk, yoghurt, protein shake
– snack: 3 apples, juice
– dinner: self made cabbage soup with mushrooms and carrots

Day 9
– breakfast: egg white with mushrooms, onion, shrimps and parsley, large black coffee, apple slices, banana with cinnamon
– snack: apples
– after WOD: strawberry, protein powder, ilk, yoghurt banana

– snack: fruits (apple, pomelo, dragon fruit), low fat cheese (Harzer Käse)
– dinner: mixed salad with tuna (no dressing)
– snack: non fat latte (Balzac) canned tuna, boiled egg white, tomatoes

Day 10
– large Nespresso non fat latte
– snack: banana, yoghurt, milk, cinnamon shake, apple, grapes, low fat cheese (Harzer Käse), large black coffee
– breakfast: egg white scrambled eggs (3) with mushrooms, onion, shrimps, tomatoe), frozen wildberry shake with protein
– snack: black coffee, two apples, apple crisps,blueberries, low fat cheese (Harzer Käse)
– large Nespresso non fat latte
– dinner/after WOD meal: brussel sprouts, cauliflower sweet potatoes

Day 11
– large Nespresso non fat latte, banana, milk, cinnamon shake with protein powder
– snack: a few apple crisps
– breakfast: egg white scrambled eggs (3) with leftovers from yesterday’s dinner (sweet potatoes, cauliflower, brussel sprouts), tomatoes, canned tuna,fruit salad (mango, honeymelon, apple, blueberries)
– large black coffee
– snack: apple, low fat cheese (Harzer Käse)
– after WOD: raspberry banana shake with protein powder
– lunch: fresh chicory leaves with tuna, parsley, low fat cheese (Harzer Käse) and low fat cottage cheese
– snack: 2 apples, apple crisps, large non fat Nespresso latte
– dinner: frozen vegetables (cauliflower, carrots, brocoli) with shrimps

Day 12
– large Nonfat Nespresso Latte
– Paleo Pancakes with banana and blueberries
– snacks: fruits, low fat cheese (Harzer Käse)
– Post WOD Meal: Tuna, tomatoes, boiled egg white, cucumber
– dinner: fish (in foil, oven) with mushrooms and cauliflower, pomelo

Day 13- Cheat Saturday
– large non fat Nespresso latte, banana, cinnamon, milk, yoghurt shake
– post WOD meal: Fruit Salad
– cheat meal: brunch at “Korsakow”- I ate bread (Laugenstange, dark rolls), fresh made salad, fish, fruits, vegetables. I did not eat products with sugar, potatoes or rice…
– snack: apple
– dinner (small one): tuna, tomatoes, low fat cheese (Harzer Käse), cucumber, pomelo

Day 14
– large Non fat Nespresso Latte, banana cinnamon,protein, yoghurt milkshake
– egg white (3) with tomatoes, tuna, mushrooms
– snacks: fruits
– dinner: russels sprouts, frozen mushrooms with onion/, shrimps

Day 15

– large Non fat Nespresso Latte, banana cinnamon,protein, yoghurt milkshake
– breakfast at school: quark with frozen berries and fresh fruits (0.3 fat, 250g quark)
– 2 boiled egg whites,2 low fat cheese (Harzer Käse)
– lunch: green salad, cucumber, tomatoes, 2 apples, 1 banana
– snack: dry fruits, apple
– after bodycombat: banana
– after WOD: protein water shake
– dinner: tomatoe sauce (100%), mushrooms (fresh, frozen), onion, tuna, parsley, apple sauce

Day 16
– large Non fat Nespresso Latte, banana cinnamon,protein, yoghurt milkshakeIMG_1367 – breakfast: dried tomatoes, quark with frozen berries, apple, banana pear
– lunch: tomatoes, peppers
– snack: appples, banana, black coffee
– snack: 200 g low fat cheese (Harzer Käse), tomatoes, canned tuna, dry fruits
– non fat nespresso milkcoffee
– after WOD: banana
– dinner: cauliflower, brocoli, mushrooms, onion, sweet potatoe with fish, pomelo

Day 17
After my Monday WOD, feeling more hungry and weak than before, I ll probably stop the strict Paleo/milk thing. As vegetarian it is not easy to eat always the right Paleo choice without feeling hungry or to weak. I don’t wanna eat so much fat with the help of nuts and eggs. I do think my nutrition before starting Paleo was quite healthy as well but I did eat grain products which keeps me full and give me energy. I tried to avoid these things after 12:00 pm anyways but I didn’t feel starving all the time. I ate so many fruits in the last 3 weeks which feels bad to me as weel because of all the fruit sugar. I also feel that I gained weight instead on working and “upgrading” my fitness level. I will move on trying to avoud sugar products and bad processed food but I will go back to my nutrition routines, always keeping an eye on what to eat and moving forward with cooking fresh things. But finding alternatives was on the one hand a time consuming and expensive thing on the other hand I felt I always eat the same things, seriously canned tuna can’t be that good…

– large non Fat Nespresso latte, banana, frozen berries, milk, protein shake
– breakfast: rhubarb with non fat (0,3%) fat, 1 boiled egg white, black coffee
– snack: 2 low fat cheese (Harzer Käse)
– lunch: green salad, mixed vegetable, tuna, 1 boiled egg white
– snack: apples, pears
– tea time: pomelo,2 low fat cheese (Harzer Käse),1 boiled egg white, pomodoro
– after WOD: apple
dinner: mushrooms, onion,fish + green salad with cucumber and tuna, apple sauce, pear

Day 18
14/2/13 Happy Valentine’s Day
After my frustration yesterday I needed a little cheat… Plain dark rolls in the morning were a big help… The rest on the day I ate paleo+milk. For dinner I went to Berlin’s Paleo restaurant (http://www.sauvageberlin.com/ ) which was really great and expensive…

– large non fat Nespresso latte
– breakfast: two plain rolls, black coffee, apple and yoghurt
– small non fat cappuccino
– lunch: spinach and egg omelet with salad
– snack: apple, pomelo with quark, banana milk protein cinnamon shake
– after WOD:pear, canned tuna
– Dinner @ Sauvage:
The Hunter Gatherer plate. Rich variety of organic homemade wild herb pestos, chutneys,
daily changing specials, handmade grain free Paleocrackers and bread. Intense flavors,
created with the freshest high quality organic ingredients.
Vegetarian hash browns. Crispy Swede hash browns with sprouted lentils and
balsamic-, lavender-, beetroot salsa. Served with fermented almond cheese.
Pro biotic and antioxidant. Rich in calcium, vitamin C& Betaine.

Day 19
– large non fat Nespresso latte
– breakfast: 1 egg, 2 egg white scrambled eggs with red pepper, tomato, tuna, onions. fruit salad (apple, banana, grapes), black coffee
– snack: 1/2 pomelo
– lunch: rocket, tomatoe, zucini,onions, apple
– snack: 2 apples, 1/2 pomelo
– dinner: grilled fish with vegetables

Day 20
– breakfast from buffet (paleo with milk products), black coffee
– snack: pomelo, apple, cappuccino
– lunch: fish roll (non paleo!!!!)
– dinner: baked egg with spinach salad and salad, grilled fish, rote beete risotto, vegetables cappuccino

Day 21
– breakfast from buffet (paleo with milk products), black coffee
– snack: apple
– cabbage soup, grilled mushrooms, onio, tuna, pomelo

Day 22
– large non fat Nespresso latte, apple,
– breakfast: 1 egg, 2 egg white with peeper, tomato, tuna, fruit salad (banana, apple, grapes), black coffee, tea
– snack: pomelo, black coffee
– lunch: tomatoe, zuchini salad
– snack: large non fat Nespresso latte, large non fat milk coffee
– after WOD: quark, fruits, protein powder
– diner: shrimps+vegetable soup, vegatables in coconut milk, tea

Day 23
– large non fat Nespresso latte
– breakfast: quark plus fruits
– in between meal: vegetable sticks (carrots, tomatos, cucumber), cottage cheese
– lunch: salad with tuna
– snack: apples, low fat cheese (Harzer Käse)
– after WOD: anana protein milkshake
– dinner: pepper, mushrooms, tuna steak, frozen berries, pineapple

Day 24
– large non fat nespresso milk coffee
– breakfast: quark with fruits, black coffee
– snack: vegetable sticks
– dinner: salad with grilled fish (Fliegender Tisch Restaurant)

Day 25
– large non fat nespresso milk coffee
– breakfast: quark with fruits
– snack: vegetable sticks
– lunch: green salad, tomato, apples
– snack: low fat cheese (Harzer Käse), canned tuna, black coffee
– dinner: shrimps soup, sweet potato fries, 1/2 pomelo

Day 26
– large non fat nespresso milk coffee – large non fat nespresso milk coffee, banana, cinnamon, protein powder
– breakfast: quark with fruits (banana, apple, strawberries)
– 1/2 pomelo, tea, 2 pears, 2 apples
– lunch: tomatoe salad, zuchini)
– snack: pomelo, low fat cheese (Harzer Käse), carrots, tomatoes
– after WOD meal: Vanilla protein milk water shake
– dinner: Margarita, Vegetarian Burrito, guacomole, some nachos (CHEAT meal, visit of a friend)

Day 27
– large non fat nespresso milk coffee
– breakfast: fruits with almond flour, banana protein milk cinnamon shake, coffee, apple
– after WOD: fruits
– lunch: Brunch @ Korsakov
– wedding dinner

Day 28
– large non fat nespresso milk coffe, Banana milk shake
– after WOD meal: apple
– lunch: tomatoe-cucumber salad
– milk coffee
– dinner: tapioca cheesecream (non fat) gnochis with tomatoes,eggplant, zucchini, pomodoro

Day 29
– large non fat nespresso milk coffe
– snack: quark with fruits, mint tea
– breakfast: paleo bread with non fat cheese, tomatoes, black coffee
– lunch: tomatoes, cucumber, 2 pears, apple
– snack: pomelo, pineapple, low fat cheese (Harzer Käse)
– before WOD: banana, milk protein cinnamon shake
– After WOD: leftovers from gnochis
– Dinner: small gabbage salad, vegetable soup (vietnamese restaurant), apple

Day 30
– large non fat nespresso milk coffe
– snack: quark with fruits, black coffee
– lunch: salad
snack: pomelo, pineapple, low fat cheese (Harzer Käse)
– before WOD: banana, milk protein cinnamon shake
– after WOD: apple
dinner: shells, salad

Day 31
– large non fat nespresso milk coffeIMG_1498 – breakfast: quark with fruits
– lunch: salad, apple, pears
– snack:
– dinner: brocoli, sweet potato, pepper, mushrooms, tuna

Day 32
– large non fat nespresso milk coffe
– breakfast: quark with fruits,
– lunch: leftovers (brocoli, sweet potato, pepper, mushrooms, tuna), pear, appleIMG_1506 – snack: pomelo, blueberries, low fat cheese (Harzer Käse)
– large non fat nespresso milk coffe
– after WOD shake with protein milk banana cinnamon, quark
– dinner: salad with shrimps, dried fruits, pear

Day 33

– large non fat nespresso milk coffe
– snack: quark with fruits
– salad, tuna, paleo bread
– snack: low fat cheese, fruits
– before WOD: milk banana shake
– after WOD: protein shake
-dinner: zuchini, mushrooms, tomato, pepper and fish, fruits

-large nespresso coffee, banana milk shake, 2 slices paleo bread with egg white, tomato
-after WOD: protein shake
-lunch: omlette with spinach, mushrooms, salad, quark with honey and fruits,black coffee

dinner: cauliflower pizza with pomodoro, tuna and onions

– non fat nespresso, banana protein shakeIMG_1528

– egg white scrambled eggs, quark with fruits,
– dried fruits, apple, low fat cheese, black coffee
– low fat milk coffee

– dinner: wild salmon, vegetables and salad

– large non fat nespresso
– quark with fruits, coffee
– 3 egg white, canned tuna
– 2 apples, non fat latte
– after WOD meal: leftovers
– Dinner: vegetable sticks with dip

– large non fat nespresso
– breakfast: quark with fruits, coffee, herb tea
– lunch: salad, boiled egg white tuna, apple, pear, herb tea
– after WOD: vegetables (raw), Leinsamen
– Dinner: Pumpkin, vegetable soup, fruits (mango, raisins)

– large non fat nespresso, Banana milk cinnamon protein shake
– breakfast: fruits, Leinsamen
– lunch: leftover soup (added mushrooms), tomatoe and green salad, apples, green tea
– snack: low fat cheese, tomato, boiled egg white, dried fruits, black coffee, green tea
– banana-rasberry-protein shake
– after WOD: protein shake
– dinner

– large non fat nespresso
– breakfast
– snack:
– lunch:
– snack
– after WOD: apple
– dinner: tomatoe sauce, mushrooms, tuna, apple

– large non fat nespresso

– dinner: 1/2 soup, 1/2 antipasti plate, fresh salad with grilled fish

– large non fat nespresso
– 1 egg 2 egg white scrambled with onion, tuna, banana protein cinnamon milk shake, dried fruits, coconut-almond
– after WOD: Fruits
– lunch: brunch at Korsakow (NO grain products)
– snack: fruits
– dinner: fresh salad with shrimps, tuna , low fat cheese

– large non fat nespresso, banana protein cinnamon milk shake, a few apple crisps
– breakfast: scrambled egg white with onion, zuchini, tuna, cottage cheese, fruit salad, black coffee
– snack: dried fruits, milko coffee (low fat)
– dinner: mixed vegetables, white fish

– large non fat nespresso
– fruits, Rote Beete Salat with nuts apple and tuna, coffee with milk
– tomato and cucumber, apples, pear
– snack: low fat cheese, pepper, tomato
– before WOD: – large non fat nespresso, banana shake
– after WOD: apple
– Dinner: Ruccola, tomato, carrots, pepper, tuna, onions, cucumber salad with dried cranberries, aplesauce, a few dried fruits

– large non fat nespresso, apple
– breakfast: fruit salad, vegetable sticks
– lunch: salad, vegetable sticks

Fun Friday-Moving Weights 25/1/13

Nice Workout, I did a little bit open gym before, working on my strict pull ups (did negative pull ups 3×3 and regular ones, about 2-still difficult to start with straighten arms… :/ ). We had to move all the weights in teams from the one side of the box to the other side in two teams for six times. For every weight you wanted to carry you had to do a special exercise like for a 8k KB 8 pull ups, for a 5 kg plate 5 Burpees etc. It took about our team about 15 minutes than it was done, so actually a Fun Friday-didnt feel exhausted afterwards… 🙂

Food Challenge Little Anni WOD

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Something was wrong yesterday, a lot of disappointed faces came to the late WOD becuase there actually wasnt a WOD, our coach showed us a video about the food challenge which starts on Monday. We all were aware of that but nobody knew that he ll skip the late WOD because of that. We all registeres for the class which worked and were wondering about the missing info. Haha but as he saw our sad faces he made up a short WOD, my love hate WOD: “Anni”

But I did it with only Doubel Unders, only some didnt work and I stepped on the rope…, new record: 8:52 min…. “Da geht aber noch was!!!” 😀

WOD 23/1/13 + Handstand practice

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Well, well, well 🙂

Still feeling my left arm and my back starts again to become very tight, def need a massage to go on working… We worked on the handstand yesterday and did lots of exercises using the own body weight. I really like that, my push ups, using the triceps are still a little challenge in comparing to the shoulder push ups which are easy to do…, good to keep on practicing them. I did not try a single pull up or kipping pull up because I have to be careful with my arm…, annoying

Warm Up
3rounds of
10 push uos
10 ring rows
rotate hands

rotate arms

2 rounds of
15 sit ups
open chest

5 max rep front press

3×15 Hollow Rocks

Practicing Handstand (3 times 4 time)

WOD (8rounds)
result: 6:03 min