WOD 27/2/13

Warm Up (Teams of 2: 1 works, 1 rests)
– 5 KB swing
– 5 Kip

– 5 KB Thruster
– 5 Pull up

– KB squat
– 5 Burpees Broad Jump

KB Ladder (12/16/20 kg)
– 5 KB swing (10 in total)
– 5 KB thruster
– 5 KBsquat

3 mini WODs for time, each three times (one works, one rests)

– 8 KB swings
– 8 Pull Ups

– 8 KB thrusters
– 8 T2B

– 8 Squat
– 8 Burpees

WOD 25/2/13- good road WOD if u have a KB at home :)

Quite exhausting tonight… We did EMOM 20 with Kettlebells

Warm Up

3 rounds (one works, one rests)
– 8 KB swin (8kg)
– 4 Push Up

– 6 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (12kg)
– 6 Burpees

– 5 KB Squat (16kg)
– 10 Jumping Jack

4 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
6 KB Swing
8 KB Squat
If u wanna rest in between or you are to slow: 5 Burpees
My Kettlebell 16 KG (RX)
– penalty: 0 – No Burpees 😉

Afterwards for stretching and mobility one of my friends who used to work as Yoga trainer did some exercises with me and I was so sweating…, unbelievable, I realised how bad my mobility is- I def. have to work on it!


Fun Friday- 30 DU in a row+1st rope climb 21/2/13

After my rest day on Thirsday I felt quite unbalanced, so I was happy going back to my Friday workout routine which was special anyway. I brought my American friend with me, she has never done CrossFit before (as American!!!) and we did the Fun Friday together… It was an easy workout, perfect for starters to learn the most important movements… I was impressed by mayself, doing around 30 Double Unders in a row, withut a break, afterwards I couldn’t do even do more than 4  in a row, weir weird weird… I also climbed up the robe for the first time (we just got them), great, never done it before so easily, just using my leg strength. 🙂 Happy Ari

– Deadlift Ladder: start weight 45 kg
– after each time:
– 5 Toes 2 Bar
– 15 Burpees
– 50 Double Unders

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WOD 20/2/13 Handstand and Plank Hold

I really liked this class, we did a lot with body strength and using the own bodyweight…

Warm Up
3 rounds 20 m
– bear walk
– crab walk
– duck walk

100 SU

10 push ups

– Jerk 3 x max rep
result: 40kg

– Strict Pull up ladder:
1 min- 1 Pull up
2 min – 2 Pull ups…

result: 5 rounds

Max Hold Handstand ( 3 times)

best result: 1:31 min

Plank Hold: 7:21 min (haha, I stopped after all gave up…)

Crazy Cardio WOD 19/2/13

I felt like a strength WOD today, working on my technique but u never know, so it was just cardio and I felt exhausted afterwards…, lol but I had the best time… 🙂 I was struggling with theses Double Unders again, horrible… As soon as they are part of a timed WOD I do have problems getting them all perfect done… First round I got mad and changed into Single Unders, 2nd round I mixed but they were still not working out well, third round I did 3 SU 1 DU, so I had to do 20 DU in total because 3 SU count for 1 DU. It was okay by then but this is still not what I would like to achieve…, my goal is to do all jumps correctly by using DU… :/

WOD 13/2/13

Definitely a better day today, did 80 kg Deadlift for 5 reps but have to work on a better technique with that weight… Was quite quick during the 8 round WOD, 2nd best time from all and even used a 20kg (instead of 16kg) KB for the first two rounds. My trainer gave me the tip to use the  29´0kg Kettlebell from now on, doing Russian Swings instead of the AMerican version (eye height instead above head) until I feel strong enough to go the whole way…, at least a progress. I worked on my pull ups afterwards, did 5 Kipping pull ups in a row, still struggling with the right swing movement and practiced strict ones, they are so hard…

I did kinda of a decision related to Paleo, I think I ll quit…, I do feel it is not the right nutrition programme for me. As vegetarian it is really tricky, I feel more weak avoiding all products made out of wheat and grain and also feel I gained weight instead of rising up my fitness level. I also have been more hungry during the day, even I definitely ate more. I also ate to much fruits-sugar- which anyways didn’t fill me up.

I dont wanna rise up bread, pasta, pizza, potatoes rice hard but I do think I should start eating bread again. I do avoid carbs after lunch but for breakfast or before morning WODs I actually feel there is something missing.

As I normally have done before starting I ll go on making healthy choices, avoiding sugar and processed food, eating more protein and also try to eat carbs through vegetables. I am still more into low fat, low carb than the paleo idea: a lot of fat and absolutely no grain and starch products…