Fun Friday- 30 DU in a row+1st rope climb 21/2/13

After my rest day on Thirsday I felt quite unbalanced, so I was happy going back to my Friday workout routine which was special anyway. I brought my American friend with me, she has never done CrossFit before (as American!!!) and we did the Fun Friday together… It was an easy workout, perfect for starters to learn the most important movements… I was impressed by mayself, doing around 30 Double Unders in a row, withut a break, afterwards I couldn’t do even do more than 4  in a row, weir weird weird… I also climbed up the robe for the first time (we just got them), great, never done it before so easily, just using my leg strength. 🙂 Happy Ari

– Deadlift Ladder: start weight 45 kg
– after each time:
– 5 Toes 2 Bar
– 15 Burpees
– 50 Double Unders

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