WOD 28/3/13 Last WOD before CrossFit Workshop and Easter Break

Still worried about getting an injury right before the CrossFit training I still couldnt do my WOD today… Tmw I ll be a good resting person to be healthy and strong at the weekend. 😉

Warm Up (teams of 2)
3 rounds
– 40 SU
– KB squat

– 5 box step ups
– 5 T2B

– KB swing

5 max back squats
result: my max was 3 reps with 70kg last time but today I sticked with 65kg, safety reasons. 😉

WOD 5 rounds

1) 8 box jumps
16 KB swing (also went low today, 2 rounds 12kg, 3 rounds 16kg)
time: 4:31 min
REST- when all are done, 1 minute and:

10 T2B (I am still not able to do them
in a row, using a proper swing, upper body strength!!!!)
KB 10 Box Step ups (16kg) – hard one
time: actually the fastest but dunno the time, have to look on the whiteboard pic

Run Ari run 25/3/13

After still having pain in my back I went to the doc again, he cracked me again and I decided to quit CrossFit for the day and rest may upper body… Instead the sun was shining so nice I thought a run outside would be awesome… WEhat a stupid idea!!! It was horrible cold and there was this annoying wind. I was suffering for 6,5 km, felt weak and was pissed by the wind and the weather, also felt my back pain the whole run. It is so disappointing, still cant work out properly and without pain, today: Bodypump and Crossfit – next try…

Fun Friday 22/3/13

Teams of 4 – 2 work, 2 rest
AMRAP 5s – 1 minute rest between stations

We divided our time by four, so everybody had about 1:10 min per exercise, Push ups, Burpees, Weighted Sit Ups and DU we counted to 10 and changed then
Row for Calories
Kettlebell Swings 24/16

Burpee Box Jumps
Sumo-Deadlift High Pulls (total 50)

Rope Climb 1=10 reps (2 times)
Power Clean 40/25 (20)

Mountain Climbers (130)
Toes-to-Bar (20)

2 KB Snatch 16/8
Double Unders (total 53)

Wall Balls 9/6
weighted Sit Ups 15/10 (total 50)

Pull Ups
Goblet Squats (total 50)

Push Ups
Russian Twist (total 100)

Double Unders (35 in a row, 27 in a row)
Burpees (20)

WOD 21.3.13

13.3 was announced but we didn’t do it… Missing wall balls until tonight…, our trainer brought in 4 balls…, finally 🙂 So 13.3 will be done on the weekend.

Warm Up (teams of 2)
2 rounds
30 SU
10 box step ups

3 rounds
5 deadlift
10 push ups

3 max rep deadlift
result: new pr 85kg

5 rounds
5 deadlift (55kg)
10 weighted step ups (16)
time: 4:33min
3 min rests

8 KB Lunges (20kg)
8 KB swing (20kg) russian
time: 2:19min