CrossFit Level 1 passed- I am CrossFit Lever 1 trainer now

Well, this was quite an adventure. I spent my Easter weekend in Nürnberg and took part at the CrossFit trainer 1 seminar. Getting up at 4/5 am, catching a morning train to Fürth and heading forward to CrossFit Nürnberg. I was to exhausted and tired to enjoy the amazing box, and always kind of starving, Paleo to go isn’t that easy ;).

60 people and about 8 coaches were there. It was packed with information about defintion of fitness, defintion of CrossFit, technical movements, nutrition, 2 workouts and almost no breaks. The coaches were great but I was kind of scared because at the end of Day 2 you have to write a test and of course you must pass it to get a certificate which allows you to train other people. My goal is CrossFit Kids after my Shanghai adventure.

So I was quite nervous and after the test not so happyand soooo tired… There were some really easy questions to answer but also some tough ones. I was struggling with the movements pictures where you had to figure out faults or supports,  areas I have to work on.

But today I got my result and I made it!!!!! Awesomely happy!!!! So I would like to work on my skills and perhaps assist at CrossFit Shanghai to gather more experiences and be ready and prepared to do the  CrossFit Kids seminar next summer in the States.


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