31.5.13 Morning WOD

Because of going to the team run Friday night I decided to go in the morning which I normally can’t but I finally had my MRT appointment during the day why I did not go to work. I was good to do so because all CrossFit classes were canceled that Friday except the morning one…

I think it wasn’t my best performance but I was kinda quick, still scaled it: Burpees instead of Box jumps

Backsquat 3 max rep (70kg)
3×3 90% of max rep

Deadlift (47,5kg)
Box Jumps
Time: 4.08min


Warm Up

30 squat
15 KB swing (12kg)
5 Kipping

3 rounds
5 T2B

3 max rep Front Squat (57,5kg)
3×3 Front Squat (50 kg)

even: 8 Goblet Squat (16kg), 8 Burpees (instead of 100m sprint)
uneven: 8 T2B, 8 Step ups (Ari version instead of box jumps)

WOD 25/5/13

As usual, an exhausting but awesome Saturday morning workout, burned even more after yesterday’s Fun Ftiday action… 😉
Btw: Happy me: First time I ran again…
Warm up
400m run
20 long bar bent rows (20kg)
20 push ups
400m run
10 kipping
20 hollow rocks
5 rep max press
-still stucked with 30kg- 😦
5×5 85% press (did 25kg,was almost to easy…, weir,weird,weird)
WOD Amrap 15
8 bent rows (20kg)
16 T2B (can do it again without pain but def got weaker)
24 push ups
-result: 7 rounds, 8 reps

Saturday WOD 25:5:13

Almost my first muscle up

We practised muscle ups yesterday and while our coach was talking about the WOD I went back to the rings and tried twice and all two attempts were almost my first muscle up, I was up in the air, my upper body above the rings, I just missed the dip, to straighten my arms…, damn it! But now I know where to work on, fingers crossed for my next try!!!!


I stopped at picture number thee, almost there… 🙂

Warm Up
3 rounds
5 push ups
5 ring rows

3 pull ups
3 dips

Practice muscle ups

3 muscle ups or 3 pull ups and 3 dips

Max rep
3 x pull ups (3/5/3), still hard straighten my arms after my first one…
3 x ring dips (3/3/4)

Finally got better

After visiting an osteopathic last week on Friday and relaxing over the long weekend- no sport but watching the regionals in Copenhagen, I finally do feel better and could go back to my workout routine yesterday… 🙂 I am still taking care of my body, not to heavy weights, no running, no box jumps… I went to bodypump and crossfit and felt fine afterwards…, so released!!!!

Warm up
2 rounds
20 m walking lunges
10 hollow rocks

3 rounds
5 12kg goblet squats
5 box step ups

5 max rep front squat
I stopped at 50kg

5×5 85% of max rep ( I did 2 rounds of 42.5)

1) 15 weighted sit ups (15kg)
2) 25 DU
3) 10 walking lunges (25 kg long bar front squat hold)

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