CrossFit – back to the roots

CrossFit at its Birthplace in Santa Cruz, California… That was awesome. I couldn’t decide to which box to go because they have about 5. The original one Glassman founded has closed, siblings took it over and moved ot to another location. There was another one, founded by Amundson, a guy who was coached from Glassman for about 7 years. So I decided to go to his box which was next to an awesome coffee place: Coffeetopia, so I enjoyed a morning drink before “Fights gone bad”




CrossFit LAB at Melrose Ave

What a fancy box, it is probably sponsored by Rebook because the label is almost everywhere. Anyways an awesome place, they have an extra room with treadmills for Cardio, plus a personal training area. The equipment was also great and the coaches super friendly. They introduced us as visitors from Berlin and took care of us. About 20 people did the WOD together which was totally fine because if 2 trainers and lits if space. Lol I funally flipped my first tire which was oart if the Warm Up…
Warm Up
-Walk from beginning to the end if the box, doing different movements
– flip tire 3 times

even 5 deadlifts
uneven 8 box jumps

After WOD
100 sit ups

Stretching together

Finally CrossFit in LA

This morning at 10 am it was time for my first LA WOD. After a Starbucks Coffee and some fruits we headed straight to CrossFit LA on Santa Monica Blvd. The box looked awesome, they had great equipment, two rooms, lots if whiteboards with WOD’s, PR’s from members. We were only a couple of people and the coach was realky friendly and knowledgable. They also offer CrossFit for kids which I am really interested in. After our training I bought a souvenir top and finally a new jump rope-no excuses for Annie anymore…

Warm Up
2 rounds
200 m run
10 burpees

20 Back Squats (about 60% of max rep)

WOD- for skills
3 rounds 45 sec, 15 sec rest
Push Ups

Wall Walks


18/6/13 Summer in the City…

It was my LAST day at work, so we stopped earlier and I went to an earlier WOD which was awesome because we were just 2 girls… So kinda of personal training

2 rounds
20 m bear crawl
10 ring rows

2 rounds
5 Clean HP

2 rounds
5 Hang Clean
5 PC
5 C

3 rep max clean
I did it with 45 kg which was fine, I still have to work on my technique to load more weight… I tried two with 47,5 kg but then I got scared of the weight, it is all in your head… So I did at least 1 proper Power Clean…

5×3 clean (85%), 40 kg

WOD 10-9-8-7-…1
Burpees, Pull Ups, Box Jumps
Time: 8:01min

The Wod was actually fine. I did all pull ups unbroken. It was just horrible hot…

17/6/13 Again Double Unders…

Well, as I already mentioned, my jump rope broke and disappeared. Of course, since that, even more Double Unders. So I have to use the shabby, old, broken ones that really make me upset…

Warm Up
50 SU

3 rounds

5 Hollow Rocks
5 Sit ups

5 max rep press (stucked with 32,5kg)
5×5 rep 85%

15 Pull Ups
21 DU

I think I did 4+ rounds but didnt count properly because of my anger of the non working ropes…

Even more Double Unders

Ok, I have to admit to work on your weaknesses and I got better at Double Unders, but still, I had enough now… 😉 We almost practiced them every day last week and my jump rope broke again and the disappeared before I could fix it… So now I had ti use the old shabby ones from our box… :/ Well I got better at DU, I did 44 in a row and normally can do 10+ without stepping the rope… But I def need a new rope, hopefilly I ll get one next week during my California trip… :)))))

Warm Up
20m crab walk
20m toes up and down walk

3 rounds

Practice DU
– 5 min unbroken
– Mini WOD AMRAP 5
30 squats+unbroken DU

WODs of the day:
1) 5 rounds for time
20 KB swings
80m sprint
2) Lynne
5 rounds
max reps benchpress (15/15/15/15/20), 27,5 kg
max rep pull ups (12>/12/14/12/13)

Nancy… 13/6/13

Summer in the city and bad air in the box… We all were sweating already after the workout and again we did… Double Unders… Of course it is good to practice them and I definitely have to get better, so even I really dont like them, I must work on them to get better. I got 43 or 44 in a row, not too bad…

Warm Up
3 rounds
200 m run
sit ups

Double Unders
5 min as many as possible (43)
3 minutes one led DU (1) haha
3 Eyes closed DU (6) – my jump rope broke again 😦

3 rounds max rep ring rows (30/20/20)
3 times 15 heavy goblet squats (20;20;16)

Nancy 5 rounds for time
400m run
15 OHS (25kg)

Lol RX would have been 30kg/45kg, most of the guys used 20-25kg, I did it with 25 kg wich was totally fine, almost a bit to less but I have to work on my stability and balance… My time was three minutes better than last Nancy WOD, yeah progress… 😉

Death by Burpees… 12/6/13

3 rounds
200 m run
5 Hollow Rock
5 Goblet Squat (16kg)

2min plan hold (1min,30sec,30sec)

Focus on walking handstand (10min)
– try to stand with one arm, touching your shoulder with the other one quickly

max rep 3 times
T2B (15/15/10)
HSPU (10/10/10, using one weight plate, plus ab mat)

1 min 1 Burpees
2 min 2 Burpees

I did 18 rounds, we were actually three people who did 18 rounds, it was nobody doing more. I was a little upset with me afterwards because I could have done 19 rounds. I still had about 5-7 sec rest time before the new round would have started. I just thought “whatever”. Damn it…

WOD 11/6/13

I really enjoyed this time, we did a lot of body strength things, not using the bar and doing weightlifting stuff. But I have to admit I didn’t like the actual workout, perhaps I did Bodycombat (Fitness Boxing) before and felt kind of exhausted. I also do not like this benchmark WODs like Fran etc. So my time was pretty good but I had to change 20kg Kettlebell for a 16kg one during the WOD because it really felt heavy and doing a squat with the weight was really hard. It also could be because we didn’t use any weights before so there wasn’t a proper warm up before using the heavy KB…

Warm Up (teams of three)
stations 2 minutes per station
1) run
2) row
3) plank hold (1 min, 30 sec right/30 sec left side)
4) DU
5) plank

box jump for height (86cm)
broad jump (206cm)

KB Thruster (20kg/16kg), Burpees, T2B