WOD 30/7/13

Today there were more workouts…

10:30 Last time Bodypump

1:30 CrossFit with an exhausting AMRAP 12

During the whole day: Carrying boxes and cleaning my apartment (bear crawl… 😉 ) because tmw I have to return my keys. So I was exhausted at night and decided it is time for a cheat meal: Risotto and bread. I have to admit I dont feel good after cheating but I felt like earning it after all the work in the last days…

WOD 30:713

Double WOD

I decided to visit the box twice, I know a bit crazy but it was the last chance to come to the Fun Friday but I didnt want to skipy regular class at 1:30.

The regular workout was fun, even I am still bad at rowing, my technique sucks, so I still need kind of long… The Fun Friday wasn’t very fun this time, really really really exhausting and sooooooo hot. The people who were there felt really tired afterwards. Crazy AMRAP…..

Btw: we were team nr 1- RX, yeah….

FunFriday 27:7:13

WOD 24/7/13

Not so happy with my performances during the last workouts. I felt really weak and bad the last two days. My pull ups suck and I got weaker at max rep strict press. Today we did Cleans and I wasn’t happy neither. I start thinking to much about the weight, hurting myself and the correct order of the technique. At least I did 45kg 2 rep max but needed three attempts to get it done. It annoys me! I feel like stucked with my weight and not getting forward.

As a result I ordered Kelly Starrets book:”Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” (http://www.amazon.de/Becoming-Supple-Leopard-Preventing-Performance/dp/1936608588) which was on my amazon wish list for a long time. But I haven’t heard anything about the book so I couldn’t decide to buy it or not. But one of our crossfitter ordered it and was really positive about it. So I spent 45 Euro (I know it’s a lot) and now waiting for it with excitement.



WOD 22/7/13

Only a couple more workouts left until leaving Berlin… The summer is everywhere and it is really hot. So you already kinda tired after the warm up and the skill training. We did three AMRAP4 after 5 rep backsquat, I def. was exhausted afterwards, at least for a couple of minutes… 😉



Morning WOD

After only a couple hours of sleep I went to the 7 am class, I was kind of motivated after my rest day yesterday, I had to take a day off because I felt my body needed a break, a little pain in my lower back, sored leg muscles and my right arm still hurts after some exercises. The WOD was exhausting but fun…


Running and Cleaning in the summer 17/07/13

Warm up
2 rounds
40 SU

1 round
5 Clean High Pull
5 Power Clean
5 Front Squat

2 rounds
3 C


3-6 MU/PU+Dips
10 pistols
Handstand Walk/Clap/Hold

5 rep max Clean-Deadlift-HC-C
I was weak today, 40kg was my max, also was distracted by a good friend who stepped into the box right at this time 🙂

WOD 12 minutes,every 90 sec
3 PClean (40kg)
200 m run

WOD 13/7/12

Mmh, I feel a pain in my right arm during or after workouts for a couple of days now, mostly after pull ups, dips and handstands…, that is really annoying, probably I should rest for a couple of days, at least my arms… but I am horrible in that case. Today I couldnt finish all snatches and did jumping Jacks instead of DU during the WOD. Not that cool because I still have to work ibmn my DU…