Back ;)

I haven’t written for a while because of moving to Shanghai, getting settled, figuring out everythibg and being just exhausted. I went back to training as soon as zi artived and stayed soon. I went for one run ouside which was super exhausting because of the heat and the bad air. Furthermore I became a member of Reebok CrossFit MeWellness and signed up for a couple of classes incl Bootcamp. First if all I had to get used to it, the class structure is different, the people are new, I am misding my Berlin CrossFit guys but it gets better. Only the way is so horrible, I need about 90 minutes by bike, metro and on foot to get there. But I got an apartment close by, will probably move in the upcoming weekend. I did some workouts on the hotel gym which were ok… I hope to sign in for a regular gym as well to do bodypump, combat and spinning. I so miss the les mills classes, just for in between, cardio and strength…
After struggling a bit wit the WODs at the box I feel better now, I am just tired from the days and the distances. You feel that when it comes to my motivation… I stay on but it is kind of difficult to give 100%

Last time at CrossFit Icke…

I was kinda sad going to the box for the last time… But it was a great Good Bye WOD and I am back at my 32,5kg strict press. When leaving the box and hugging the people it was a weird feeling. I ll miss them all, it was great to work out there, I learned so many things, def. got stronger and fell in love with CrossFit. I also met new friends and felt so home… My first sport goal in Shanghai is going to the box on Saturday at 12:15, I hopefully can make it..

I got a nice Good Bye at CrissFit Icke: 🙂


WOD 5/8/13

I forgot to take a pic of today’s workout but I do remember we worked on snatches. I had a little success because for the first time I lifted the bar above my head and didn’t feel the weight. I guess I just did the movement correctly and used my hips and my legs to bring the bar up…, yeah!!!! Still working on my stability and balance.

6-8 HPU
15 wall balls
30 DU

WOD 5 rft
6 Power Snatch
25 Double Unders
12 burpees

9:03 min