Double WOD 10/10/13

Dienstag ist mein Doppel Workout Day. Erst Bootcamp, dann CrossFit… Danach gings mir viel besser. 🙂

Warm Up
800 m run
4 rounds
2 push ups, high knees, sprint, easy run
3 rounds (rest 90sec in between) weighted plank hold (25lbs): 3:16 1:25 1:40
12 wall balls (12lbs)
30 right/left KB lunges (12kg
18 burpees
100 single rope jumps
4 rounds: 44

Warm Up
5 body lengths walk from toes to plank,
push up, stretch

PVC pipe
10 pass troughs
10 good mornings

1max rep deadlift (185lbs)
5×3 80% deadlift (155)

4 rft
15 pull ups
15 box jumps
15 hand release push ups
time: 7:46


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