WOD 11/9/13

It was kind of a more talking instead of working WOD. Our coach explained a bit long the “work for quality part”, so we lost quite lot of workout time in the middle of the class. The exercises were good to practice but just the explaining was a bit to much. I was also distracted by the other coach who was doing his own WOD, making weird sounds and breathing haaaaard and loud… :

Warm Up
800m run
Good mornings
5 Walk to toes+push up

Work for quality (10 rounds)
2 turkish get ups
5 back extensions (go all the way up)
7 weighted sit ups (30lbs)

WOD 5rft
7 front squat (we had to clean them first,no rack, so only 76 pounds
7 jump over burpess
time: 4:36 min


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