WODs 26/11/13




For the crossfit workout I used 85 lbs, not RX but I atill work on my technique and not feeling so comfortable doing so many power cleans plus push press with 95 lbs. Also we unfortunately did not have enough time to get ready and try the weights…

Benchmark Angie

I kinda was excited this morning because I knew what to expect: “Angie” – lots of hundreds… 🙂 amurat told me yesterday because he was so excited…
So I had an awesome take away dinner from Sproutworks-a great salad bar-, a good night sleep and freah fruits and sweet potatoe fries for breakfast. I know I always take it to serious….
After a short warm up, the first group started, the “RX group” had to wait…, so we had to watch them…, uah… We started right after their 100 pull ups.
My left hand ripped of after 80 something pull ups, so the last were painful.
But I kinda proud, I finished first place, 17:31 min, struggling most with proper push ups the other excersise were okay. I do think it is a good time but if u compare with really strong CrossFitters…

WOD 21/11/13

Time for Bootcamp and CrossFit. The bootcamp workout wasn’t bad at all. Lots of leg work and cardio which are my strengths. CrossFit class focuses more on gymnastics now which I do like but some of the excersices we have done so far weren’t that great. Ireally liked rope climbing as skill yesterday, haven’t done it for a while. I missed the more exhausting warm up from the last weeks which helps to build strenghts (wall balls, push ups, handstand hold etc…) Looking forward to 2nite’s WOD…




Kinda WOD 18/11/13

I probably should have rested instead of going to the box. My muscles were sore from Sunday class abd weightlifting class. We did lots of arm and leg work so my body was a bit tired and I felt it during the WOD. I was almost to weak for it and had to smile about my own movements.

On the other hand it was just to crowded,to many people, and way to cold. The box has no heating and there was no proper warm up. Also it wasn’t enough time to work on the strenghts/skills part. I couldn’t do dip squats and only one round of ring tips. I think a new training circle has started, focusing more on gymnastics which I like but wedo needa little more time to come into it… Well see…, I also feel my injury in my left shoulder again and sth crackedin my back as well that hurts doing some movements with weights. So annoying…

Warm Up
800 m run
2 rounds
single arm KBS (25)

2 2 2 2 2 rest 60 se in between Push Press
Dip Squat ( no time)
3×8 rind dips (just did 1 round- no time)

10 OHS

WOD and Bootcamp weekend 16/11/13

I love my weekend working out time. I can do 2 workouts in a row and have chilled out Saturday wuth great breakfast in the afternoon. The bootcamp gave me muscle sore – hamstrings and butt, no wonder after 200m lunges. 🙂 Afterwards we worked our obe rep max clean and jerk, I am still feeling not that comfortable lifting so much weight above my head, so when it got heavier I pushed pressed it instead of jerking and the last set I cleaned but didn’t jerk.. I am sure, it’s all in my head… :/