Kinda WOD 18/11/13

I probably should have rested instead of going to the box. My muscles were sore from Sunday class abd weightlifting class. We did lots of arm and leg work so my body was a bit tired and I felt it during the WOD. I was almost to weak for it and had to smile about my own movements.

On the other hand it was just to crowded,to many people, and way to cold. The box has no heating and there was no proper warm up. Also it wasn’t enough time to work on the strenghts/skills part. I couldn’t do dip squats and only one round of ring tips. I think a new training circle has started, focusing more on gymnastics which I like but wedo needa little more time to come into it… Well see…, I also feel my injury in my left shoulder again and sth crackedin my back as well that hurts doing some movements with weights. So annoying…

Warm Up
800 m run
2 rounds
single arm KBS (25)

2 2 2 2 2 rest 60 se in between Push Press
Dip Squat ( no time)
3×8 rind dips (just did 1 round- no time)

10 OHS

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