It is done-14.5 last wod

I was soooooo scared about this one, reading stuff online, watching videos and judging my people at the box…. All were so tired and exhausted afterwards. I knew I was struggling with the thrusters and was scared of my shoulder pain and I wanted to have a giod final result… Not sure to breake that all down but I did not wanna stop in between the burpees. So I was fighting myself through and I made it: 13:57 min. Yeah! Lol, I even beated Vanessa Fung, the regional asia girl by about half minute or so, makes me kinda proud, she is overall 3rd right know. Well, we see if she repeats the wod on Monday. So I hope this time will give me a good spot in the overall ranking for Asia.

Technique and WOD 27/3/14

Bootcamp and CrossFit WODs were quite similar, so I decided to skip Bootcamp class and work on my clean technique. Afterwards I did CrossFit class

Warm up
Rowing for calories (60)
uneven 15 squats, rest parallel
even 10 push ups, rest in plank

I worked on my hang clean. I felt quite good, tried to see my arms as strings, using the shoulder shrug, my legs my body more. It feels so much easier if you do it right, I did 95 lbs as hang clean.
I went up to 105 lbs for the power clean. As soon as I start from the floor I kinda lose my good technique and fall back in old patterns

Warm up
800 m run
2 rounds
10 inchworm push ups
10 KB swings (16kg)

Skill training
-working on handstand/HSPU/handstand walk
– I feel more comfortable now trying a free handstand and was kinda straight a couple of times, just have to work on my balance.

400 m run
21 KB swings (16kg)
12 pull ups
10 burpees
5 HSPU (used kipping and ab-mat)

I finished 4 four rounds and started my fifth. I feel my running is too slow…

REDO 14.4

Okay, this was the worst workout ever, seriously… After doing it again, I just can say horrible… This workout was not made for me, too many of my weaknesses included: rowing, cleans and muscle ups. My toes to bar are okay but I am not good in kipping them, so it takes me more time and effort to get them done… The cleans almost killed me, I was reviewing my video and also realized, my technique is a mess, i kinda muscled up two, rounded my back most of the time and had so much trouble going back to this 95 lbs bar. The people kinda shouted at me during the last minutes and I was making weird sounds and mumbling sentences like “Can I just stop?”, “I wanna stop.” … Haha, we had a lot of fun afterwards, reviewing my words and sentences. So I satrted the cleans to late what made me think I am not finishing them in time but somehow I made it, 13:47ish I was done, did not even think about a muscle up try. No way…. Oh man, getting them done is a must goal for me!!!!!!

Bootcamp WOD 20/3/14

I took the wrong picture of today’s workout, so I try to remember. It was a long exhausting workout, that is the reason why I did not do CrossFit afterwards. I try to remember all exercises but I am a bit confused… :/

Warm Up
– Run
– Song “Sally up and down” with push ups

200 single unders
40 dumbbell snatches (20/20; 30lbs)
30 get ups from ground
about 1600 m run

WOD 22/3/14

Another benchmark Sunday but not manageable with RX weight, 24kg Kettlebell for girls…, now way… It was shoulder and arm wod in combination with technique, not very fun actually but I think good for working on strength and skills.

I used 12kg KB for the get ups and the squats and 20kg KB for the swings, pain in the ass…. :O Lol as you can see from the results some people did not write their weights. I think no one was using RX weights, the girls except me and another one used between 4-8 kg for the squats and get ups and 12kg/16kg for the swings, lol all the early finishing girls did, that explains the good time as well 😉

Afterwards I did a bit weightlifting but was more focusing on getting ready for repeating the 14.4 open wod, my goal is to hit the 180, I m not getting a muscle up done but I wanna finish the cleans. I am a bit scared because it is very exhausting. My rowing is not very good and the cleans are really heavy at the end, so fingers crossed for another try…


Bootcamp WOD 22/3/14

Because I did 14.4 the day before I decided to go to bootcamp instead of CrossFit. It was a bit annoying, way too many people were there, of course it is nice to train Saturday morning but it was just too crowded. They split up in groups so we started with different movements, still weird. I did 5 or 6 rounds, was quite fast, fighting with the guys and using 20kg KB…

Afterwards I stayed longer to watch and judge people, did some little working on MU  drills. I am still scared going to the rings and messing it up, I just don like the failing all the time, the same with bar muscle ups, I just done get it…. Normally it is okay for me to work on my weaknesses but MU I just try to avoid, I know that is stupid…


Open WOD 14.4 – an unexpected try

I watched the wod announcement in the morning and during break time I watched the battle of the Josh Bridges and the other one with my little students who were really impressed 😉 When I saw the words muscle up and rowing I was not very happy both are my weaknesses but then I realized the MU will come after all the other shit- so not really worrying about anymore, even I could do one tiny little muscle up, not after all the other things. So my goal was trying to finish all cleans within the time.

At night I went to the gym to practice a bit for the next day but then the idea came up just doing it this night as CrossFit class and I was, okay, what the f***, let’s just give it a try. Mmh, really exhausting, the rowing took so long, my arms were so tight afterwards on the toes to bar, I had to many no reps on my wall balls. Finally I made it to the cleans but did not have enough time to finish them. I got 27 and then time was over. They felt so heavy, I wanna try it again, my goal si finishing them up. But I have to start earlier with them otherwise it won’t happen because I just can do one at a time and rest in between, so we will see. I am nervous.