14.2 Open WOD 8/3/14

Oh man, even I know it is just for fun, I take it too serious. I was very nervous again, scared to be slow, not getting it properly done and and and. This time I took a video, just to make sure… Even I know I am so far away from real athletes. If I would be a little bit more patient and gentle with myself I could have been proud because I just found a way to do Chest to Bar pull ups. actually touching the bar.

So I practiced the night befor chest to bar pull ups and it was not really fun. But then I discovered if I use false grip I actually can do some chest 2 bars without missing lots of reps. I use my biceps instead the swing which I still do not get. Of course u you can compare them with proper kipping pull ups and butterflies (which I have to learn!!!!) but this technique brought me 80 reps in total and saved place 30 in Asia. Good one. But still I am unsatisfied and wanna get better…


One thought on “14.2 Open WOD 8/3/14

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