Open WOD 14.4 – an unexpected try

I watched the wod announcement in the morning and during break time I watched the battle of the Josh Bridges and the other one with my little students who were really impressed 😉 When I saw the words muscle up and rowing I was not very happy both are my weaknesses but then I realized the MU will come after all the other shit- so not really worrying about anymore, even I could do one tiny little muscle up, not after all the other things. So my goal was trying to finish all cleans within the time.

At night I went to the gym to practice a bit for the next day but then the idea came up just doing it this night as CrossFit class and I was, okay, what the f***, let’s just give it a try. Mmh, really exhausting, the rowing took so long, my arms were so tight afterwards on the toes to bar, I had to many no reps on my wall balls. Finally I made it to the cleans but did not have enough time to finish them. I got 27 and then time was over. They felt so heavy, I wanna try it again, my goal si finishing them up. But I have to start earlier with them otherwise it won’t happen because I just can do one at a time and rest in between, so we will see. I am nervous.


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