Regional events anounced-disappointed

So here they are events 1-5 of the regionals and all of them are crazy, not one I would say “This could be fun”. All of them include movements I am not able to do: heavy hang snatch, handstand walk, 135 lbs hang clean, strict handstand push ups, legless rope climbs. For me most of this sounds more like the games than regionals. None of this wods contain things I am really strong in, no endurance stuff, gymnastic and strength, makes me a bit sad. I wont be able to finish most of the wods, I am struggling going to the regionals, knowing failing so many wods… 😦

Vacation and workout April/May 2014

It is not easy to find a training schedule when travelling. On the one hand u wanna realax and enjoy but on the other you try to get ready for the regionals.

First stop Phuket/Pantang,
Saturday WOD
1 km treadmill
2 rounds
5 burpees
10 sit ups
15 goblet squats

2×5 a 30kg
3×12 a 35kg

3x 35kg

5x 20/25/30kg

3×3 strict pull ups
working on HSPU and pistols

Sunday morning wod
1km treadmill
5 ?
10 push ups
15 squats

5 rounds, 4 reps 80kg
WOD Annie, 6:38 min

Monday morning
1km treadmill
Weightlift training
working on power clean



Thursday work, CrossFit and Bootcamp

After coming back from Beijing I went to the box to work on my snatch and do the wods afterwards

Ari practise
500m row as warm up
Snatch practise
I did power snatch using 85 lbs, I added weight and did O think 91 but it was stupid and not a good one. I ll be so screwed if I have to do heavy snatches at the regionals 😦
Full snatch still bad
3/4 muscle ups

I forgot to take pics yesterday 😦
200 m walking lunges
70 jumping squats
60 push press,45 lbs
50 ball throws from chest, lying on the back,20lbs
40 v ups
30 russian twist, 20 lbs
15 mountain climbers
10 strict burpees
1200 m run
I finished first but there were lots if newbies 😉 My time was around 22 min or so

400 m run
2 rounds
15 kbs
15 sit ups
10 push ups
10 banded good mornings

After my warm up sets I did 3 sets of 2 touch and go power cleans
I did three sets of 115

Jerk from rack 2 reps
I went up to 116 lbs

Amrap 15
200 m run
15 wall balls
I was second, right behind a good friend. I did not go 100% because I felt tired after all the wods 😉

Tuesday and Thursday morning at Middle Kingdom in Beijing

I had a visitor for a couple of days, so we had to Beijibg for sightseeing. Because of my training for the regionals I did not want to skip workouts abd went to a gym in Beijing called Middle Kingdom, a small CrossFit oriented place in the basement of a building. Even small, they do have a great choice of equipment, all you need for great wods. The owner is a friendly guy who does a lot of good mobility stuff,skill training and body workout. The drop in fee is 100RMB, around 12-13€, a good deal
Tuedsay Workout at 8am
1000 m row
ES(econd)MOM Handstand Hold, belly against the wall,as long as possible, 6 rounds
Arch Hold (like superman high position for about a minute), hip bending, 4 rounds – my lower back really hurt, so I did hollow rock for the last set 😦
6 min amrap DU

Thursday 8am
Warm up walks
on the heels, on the toes, on the side etc

4 sets of 80% – 80kg

Afterwards he gave me some tips how to improve grip strength by using towels for deadhang, pull ups,holding dumbells or do farmer walk. He also gave me the advice to do negative handstands for building up strength for handstand push ups. At the end I got a free shirt (to wear it at the regionals 😉 )

The attached pic are my reat day at the Great Wall in China 🙂




Monday Early Morning

Today I leave for a trip zo Beijing and the wall for a couple of days, so I decided to do the 7am class and some work afterwards

Ari wod
Deadlift 5 sets of 175 lbs

Working on technique HPC up to 96 lbs
few PC 96 lbs

Skill training
3 sets 3-4 ground HSPU
3 sets 3 strict pull ups
3 sets pistol work
2 sets 15 GHSU



Sunday Benchmark Day

I should have rxed bit I felt so tired in the morning. The first round using 20lbs was to easy, so I went up to 25lbs but felt bad after the eod not having used rx weight… :/
For the weighzlifting I skipped the good mornings and did not fonish the sit ups. I was focusing on the snatch and clean…, still shitty technique 😦



Saturday 20/4/14

I came early to work on my deadlift. After a warm up row and some mobility I did 5 sets of 5 170 lbs deadlift (80% of a rep max). Then I did bootcamp and CrossFit. I felt good afterwards, CrossFit wod was really intense. It was a partner wod which was fun. I did use rx weight for the shoulder to overhead but I was struggling with the weight after all the things I have done before. SO my coach and partner did one more rowing round and def more shoulders to overhead.

Bootcamp Amrap 20 min
20 Burpees
40 ?
60 push ups
80 lateral jumps
100 mountain climbers (fast,sprint)

Friday 19/4/14

I finally went to a chiropractic in the morning, after bootcamp at 6am(!!!!). He looked at my body, did some testings and said no above the head lifting for 2 days. At least I did not do anything above the head on this day. So I did not practice muscle ups, handstand push ups and snatch which I really have to focus on, I also changed the CrossFit wod on that day. For weightlifting I worked on back squat. During class we did close benchpress.

Morning Bootcamp
3 sets for time
rest 2 minutes in between

Ari Workout
warm up
600m row
2 rounds
5 burpees
10 push ups
15 KB forward lunges

backs squat
5 sets of 5 (80% of 1 rep max)

10 pistols (right/left)
3×10 ring dips

Training 17/4/14

I was looking for training plans. My coach also sent me pne as an idea. I did my iwn training first, bootcamp and crossfit afterwards. It felt good

Ari Training
Warm up
1000 m row
2 rounds
5 kipping pu
10 push ups
15 squats
Mobility with pvc pipe

Deadlift-building up to one rep max
I did sets of 5,3,1
1 rep max: 215lbs RX

2 MU
Handstand push ups (3×4)
Pistols (3×10)
free handstand practice

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