Top 60 Asia Regional, I made it!!!!!!

I seriously got the mail to submit a video because I am in the top 60. I was kinda checking the scores every minute till the last WOD closed and I stayed 57th… AMAZING! 😀
BUT the video they want to have is 14.4., damn it: one of the wods I repeated and I really hated and I have not a perfect video of this one. So I submitted it but I am not sure they will accept it:

I am too far away during rowing, you don not see the time and the 60 calories on the rower. On the other hand you see my range of motion and that I fulfil the standards of the movement. I asked the support team for their opinion and they asked to forward it and then we will see. I am actually allowed to repeat the wod to prove my time. Uah, I don’t wanna do it again, it was one of the hardest wods for me. I am not so good in rowing and the cleans almost killed me at the end.If they don accept my video or if I don’t send one to them they will remove my scores totally. This would suck because I was working so hard for the results, I don’t wanna lose all my wods.

So we ll see if I have to do it again, Saturday is the big day. Two people from my box will do it with me to support… This is super nice and helpful. I hope I ll have the same time or better… :/


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