WOD 3/4/14

My video is still pending. So I probably have to do it tmw after the regular classes if I get no answer within the next 24 hours. It makes me kinda nervous. I was working on my rowing, power cleans and toes2bars yesterday. Rowing still the same, takes me about 4 minutes to finish 60 calories and it does not feel like a walk in the park afterwards. I try to use better technique, focusong on all the stuff. I thin, I am better at kicking my legs and pulling but it is still not time saving… Now I know how to kip T2B but it makes me more tired and still struggling starting them, I feel I use more strength and energy, so I should stay with my “old” technique. My cleans still suck, I do not shrug and use my hip extension for them, I still kinda muscle it up which is more exhausting. I feel a bit stronger which hopefully helps me getting through the cleans with less pain and the same time as I did during my second try… Mmh…, today rest day, then we ll see.

Btw: I did a strict false grip muscle up during class, arms were a bit bended at the starting position. 🙂


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