Thursday work, CrossFit and Bootcamp

After coming back from Beijing I went to the box to work on my snatch and do the wods afterwards

Ari practise
500m row as warm up
Snatch practise
I did power snatch using 85 lbs, I added weight and did O think 91 but it was stupid and not a good one. I ll be so screwed if I have to do heavy snatches at the regionals 😦
Full snatch still bad
3/4 muscle ups

I forgot to take pics yesterday 😦
200 m walking lunges
70 jumping squats
60 push press,45 lbs
50 ball throws from chest, lying on the back,20lbs
40 v ups
30 russian twist, 20 lbs
15 mountain climbers
10 strict burpees
1200 m run
I finished first but there were lots if newbies 😉 My time was around 22 min or so

400 m run
2 rounds
15 kbs
15 sit ups
10 push ups
10 banded good mornings

After my warm up sets I did 3 sets of 2 touch and go power cleans
I did three sets of 115

Jerk from rack 2 reps
I went up to 116 lbs

Amrap 15
200 m run
15 wall balls
I was second, right behind a good friend. I did not go 100% because I felt tired after all the wods 😉

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