I went to the box around 5pm, I left around 9…
I started with rowing and mobilzing.

A build up to 85 lbs hang snatch
EMOM 10 hang snatch
I think I got the first 3 or 4, missed 3/4 and got the last 1/2 reps… Sometimes I feel better after trying some, perhaps I should work on a better warm up
B build up hang power clean
I went up to 115 lbs, did not work (faster elbows!), I did one with 110 lbs
C Front Squat from rack 125 lbs
I tried 3 sets of 10 but I had to break them down (7/3; 6/4; 4;6)
Skills Handstand work practice
I feel a bit more balanced with a free handstand now, walking still sucks-no balance

Regular CrossFit class
800 m run
1) EMOM 10 clean&jerk
I started with 85 lbs, went up to 110 lbs for the last 3/4 reps but I missed the jerk. Well I kinda push pressed the last jerk because I am scared to get under that bar with a split, just doesnt feel safe… :/
2) 2 rounds
10 strict ring dips
10 pistols
10 ghd sit ups

50 wall balls
50 T2B
50 KBS (20kg)


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