Monday 19/5/14

I started trainibg at the open gym, mobility, Hang Snatch,pistols,strict push ups,clean. Afterwards I did the regular class and practiced Handstand Walk at the end…

Hang Snatch
Warm up:
– bar, 55 lbs, 65 lbs,75 lbs,80 lbs, 85 lbs
I missed 85 lbs once or twice… Still not sure, if I really wanna try it at the event

Event 1
2 min 65 lbs
4 min 75 lbs – missed it :/
6 min 75 lbs
So, if that happend I have no choice anyways…
I tried 85 lbs afterwards, I got one or two reps

Event 3
Strict Handstand Push ups
I will probably go one by one, having 15-25 seconds break in between
I can probably get all of them done and could move to the front squats…
I practiced clean because I ve to lift 125 lbs from the ground. I missed some but with the help and good tips from my coaches I got it up 5 times. If I can lift it at the regionals I would be so f***ing proud and happy because I can get some front squats done… I m a bit worried because of non proper warm up to miss it after the HSPU and not working with the bar. Perhaps I will try tmw…

Event 2
I just practiced pistols. I m still not so confident with muscle ups and afraid I wont get them…

CrossFit Class
Good training for preparation:


I used 20kg KB for the swings but only 12kg for thrusters. My left shoulder/arm still hurts and I am not explosive enough going up… I needed 10:19 or so to finish


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