Last Trainingsday 21/5/14

No school today in Shanghai because of big conference held in Shanghai. This is a great thing because I actually can use the day for my last training sessions and get ready for the Regionals…, leaving tmw at 3:40 pm to Seoul. I am excited and scared, haven’t slept well the last days, to many thoughts and moskitos… 😉

I did the morning class at the box already, it was a good one: endurance and cardio. Afterwards breakfast, omlette and still my bad attitude – diet coke… I ll go back later to do some final skill work.

try to complete around 7 rounds for 35 minutes (60-65% effort), 1 min work per station
Because if transition time we could add I finished in total 6 rounds
– double unders
– russian kb swings (16kg)
– twist medball forward lunges (20lbs)
– practice handstand walk

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