Day 1 – first competition ever in the box

Day 1 is done… As I expected I am in a lower position… But seeing the whole picture, I can be proud.

Event 1
Hang Snatch: I was too nervous, did 65 lbs and went straight up to 85 lbs because I did not find 75 lbs plates. Of course I missed it – twice :/

Event 2
Handstand Walk: I actually got 5 feet, dont know how but was super proud, from zero to five… two weeks ago I was not even able to do a free handstand

Event 3
Nasty Girls
I finished 50 pistols, all 7 muscle ups and 5 heavy hang cleans (115lbs) – The same, after the wods were announced I was not able to do a single 115 lbs hang clean and today five. Of course, it is just me who sees this progress within short time but it is a big step.





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