Bootcamp and CrossFit Saturday

This morning I did the warm up and mobility for the bootcamp class, I was a bit nervous because of language and doing the proper excercises… After 809 m run the people libed up and I gave them some walking tasks to do:
knees high
duck walk
bear crawl
fast feet and run
inchworm push ups

Tabata Hollow position


I felt like at the beginning of teaching at school, mire focusing on the movements than actually helping and correcting people, also with my non native English language it was a bit tricky but of course I liked it

Amrap 20
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
200 m run

I did pretty well, finished a good amount of rounds, just one girl was a bit faster but she is a runner and did ring rows instead of pull ups.

Wod 1
I tried strict HSPU but really felt heavy and awkward today

Wod 2
Did ring dips, still feel exhausted doing them

Wod 3
This felt good and pretty easy, I was really fast on it



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