CrossFit Kids Field Trip 25/6/14

I went with my students to my CrossFit box for a special field trip: CrossFit Kids Time
It was such an amazing an fun experience for the kids, my coach and me as well. Looking forward to start the programme in Germany…

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24/6/14 Bootcamp and 1 rep max Deadlift

Bootcamp 20 min amrap
200 m run
20 KB swing (20kg)
10 push ups

Sunday at Icarus – WOD Trial 22/6/14

Friends of mine open a box very soon:

On Sunday I went there for a trial wod and I really liked it. The box is right to the service apartment I lived when I arrived in Shanghai last August and it is also only a 20 min bike ride to the German school. Mmh, they asked me to work as coach there… which would be a great opportunity but I am leaving…

WOD amrap 3 min for 5 rounds, 2 min rest in between
5 burpees
5 box jumps
5 wall balls (15lbs)

cash out
partner med ball sit ups (50 with, 50 without 15 lbs ball)
I always finished four rounds and 1-3 burpees. Afterwards we went for Margaritas, bad choice 😉

Shanghai Shake Up 21/6/14

Because of the one year anniversary of Reebok CrossFit MeWellness there was a competition at the box. I was a bit unmotivated because after all the regionals work and trainings I just wanted to relax and not being competitive… I also was worried to screw up… Between 35 and 40 people competed. Vanessa and me were the only girls who did the RX version of the workouts. MeWellness made a nice video to advertise so called “Shake Up”:

Beside the workouts there was also other stuff going on:

CrossFit kids demonstration
stalls: Rocktape, Vcleanse, BBQ, Yoga trial, Djane, raffle…

The wods were nice

10 calories row (each time)
wall balls
burpess (time: 12.56 min, second fastest after this young tall guy Ben)

2) AMRAP 7 min
7 deadlift (155/215)
103 reps (of course, Ben was better, haha)

At the end of the day the winners were announced, haha: Ben and me won the first prize and got some nice goodies, as u can see on the pic (a big package of fresh vegetables from Kate and Kimi, a huge protein powder, haha: another one….- awesome, gift cards and vouchers). It was a great day and a good almost saying goodbye thing… 🙂

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Finally the box was open WOD 16/6/14

I went for open gym which is always quite challenging for me because I need my rest time between work and wod. But I wanted to workout and check some of my one rep max.

Warm up
500 m row

1) overhead squat- build to one rep max: 105 lbs PR! I tried 110 lbs as well, could go down but lost the bar
2) strict press – build to one rep max:90 lbs – 40kg, finally a development… 🙂
3) thruster – build to one rep max:100 lbs – but my shoulder and arm hurts with this explosive moment… 😦

10 negative HSPU, yellow plate
8 strict ring dips

Regular class/WOD
Warm Up
400m run
high knees, sprint, hollow rock

20 min amrap
Team WOD 3 people 8just for us we were uneven and changed our numbers as well
40 wall balls
40 KB swing (20kg)
40 T2B, dead hang

We finished three rounds but did not take it too serious.Girls just wanna have fun 😉