Shanghai Shake Up 21/6/14

Because of the one year anniversary of Reebok CrossFit MeWellness there was a competition at the box. I was a bit unmotivated because after all the regionals work and trainings I just wanted to relax and not being competitive… I also was worried to screw up… Between 35 and 40 people competed. Vanessa and me were the only girls who did the RX version of the workouts. MeWellness made a nice video to advertise so called “Shake Up”:

Beside the workouts there was also other stuff going on:

CrossFit kids demonstration
stalls: Rocktape, Vcleanse, BBQ, Yoga trial, Djane, raffle…

The wods were nice

10 calories row (each time)
wall balls
burpess (time: 12.56 min, second fastest after this young tall guy Ben)

2) AMRAP 7 min
7 deadlift (155/215)
103 reps (of course, Ben was better, haha)

At the end of the day the winners were announced, haha: Ben and me won the first prize and got some nice goodies, as u can see on the pic (a big package of fresh vegetables from Kate and Kimi, a huge protein powder, haha: another one….- awesome, gift cards and vouchers). It was a great day and a good almost saying goodbye thing… 🙂

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