Run 16/6/14

This was really challenging and a bit annoying. After 4 hours of sleep, a coffee and a shake I went for a run. It was too hot and humidity and the of course people starred. My calves hurt, I don’t know why and I really had to fight through the six km. I so have to work on my running skills when I am back home and do them regularly again. I wanna be able to do an easy 8-10 km as I did last year. Looking forward going home and working on it.

Awesome Double Wod

I finished quite good in bootcamp, did the most reps, most were far behind and used less weights… I dont know  about where the other six rounds come from… I am wondering….


10 min to find heavy hang clean-front squat-jerk: 115 lbs. I did a 120.5 hang clean and squat but messed up the jerk because I did not get under that bar… grrrrrr

Amrap 20
– 5 bar muscle ups/scale version: 5 pull ups, I did chest to bar but then my finger was bleeding, so I did regular chin over bar 4 the last 5…
– 10 front squats (95)
– 20 push ups
– 200 m run




Tuesday Double WOD 11/6/14

I can not believe there are only a couple of training sessions left before I leave Shanghai and Reebok CrossFit MeWellness… Because of certification classes and one year anniversary the box will be closed a couple of days (I do not like that!), so after today’s training only 11 more days there… Tuesday’s workouts were all about endurance, I am glad I stayed for both classes. Lol, finished first both times. Lol,  probably my close competitors weren’t there 😉

My snatch still sucks, this is next to jerk the most difficult weightlifting exercise for me… I also feel a bit unhappy about not working on my weaknesses right now. My gymnastics skills are a big area to improve…

Bootcamp 4 RFT
30 thrusters (35lbs)
40 (20/20)mountain climbers
10 russian twist (10/10) 20 lbs
400 m run


WOD 6/6/14

I did some skill work during open gym:

– one muscle up (just 2 prove I still can do it 😉 )
– strict HSPU for 10 min, all 20-30 seconds, still not easy…
-10 negative HSPU, using 25 lbs plates
– 3 sets of strict ring dips (10,10,4)