Dogtown CrossFit 22/7/4

My shoulder pain got worse… during the last wods I felt weakness in my left shoulder. It is like my strengths is disappearing, every day a bit more… Lifting weights feels heavier every day, wods aren’t so much fun anymore… So it feels like a fight right now… I have to stay on and not losing my fun and motivation… Hopefully it gets better when I am back in Berlin, having my working out routine. Right now ut feels like to to many failures and steps backwards… :/
Anyways we went to Dogtown CrossFit for our wod. Lindsey Venezuela, one of the crazy strong CrossFit girls (2nd at the Games last year) works there as a coach. She did not teach the mornibg class but it was still fun to go. There were a couple of drop ins cause of the games and two athletes (Tommy Hackenbruck and a female athlete) practicing for the biathlon: unbroken muscle ups and running.

I was struggling with the weights, used 75 lbs for the jerk, 85 lbs for the clean, RX was 95… 😦 My left shoulder felt so weak… I used a 20 kg KB

AMRAP 1 4 rounds plus 4
AMRAP 2 3 rounds plus 3

not happy with the result

The rowing was okay, finished all under 2 min






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