CrossFit Games Friday and Saturday

On Friday we watched mostly the team events live because there were only 2 of 3 individual events for silver tickets holders available. The triple event was early in the morning, so we just saw the end of it: 3000m row, 300 DU and 3 mile run.

Next to the competition there was a lot of shopping going on. I spent quite a lot money for some awesome stuff… I also went to an 1 hour mobility class with Kelly Starret. He gave me a “no rep” on my stiff deadlift… :O

Most of the individual events we watched in a tent or outside on a big screen. On Saturday I went on my own to the Games. I saw the individual muscle up biathlon and some of the team events. I also did a little more shopping and listened a bit to Jeff Tucker, the CrossFit gymnast hero. I tried some good paleo food as well. 🙂

Going to the Games was a great experience. I felt a bit more connected to the athletes, having the opportunity to compete at the Asian Regionals. Of course they are so out of my league… I saw Marlene Anderson who won the Asian Regionals and she is so strong and was so far ahead of me. But with all the strong female athletes she had to fight hard trough all this events.

But there were also a couple of things I was a bit wondering about. Most of the people (including me) looked a bit too funny with their CrossFit shirts and their little “Strong / Your workout is my warm up/ Strong is the new skinny/ etc.” sentences on their shirts. Also the big sponsor was selling all this stuff with its brand so huge on every shirt, pants etc for so much money… This seemed crazy, paying shit lots of money for being a walking advertisement…

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