Monday WOD 11/8/14

10 lunges
10 wall ball
10 v-up

Ido Portal squat routine

4 kb box step ups
4 box jumps

Basic Strength
2 tempo pull ups
I am still so struggling with my upper body strengths when it comes to pull ups and ring dips. It feels like my left arm muscles and shoulder muscles are gone, so frustrating… I did jumping pull ups instead. When I came down slowly I could feel my loss in my left arm, so weird… 😦
10 ring rows
*1min rest in between sets
* stretch lat during 1min rest

Back Squat (5×10)
*exactly 1min rest in between sets
*add 2,5-5kg to last weeks weight (2 sets 35 kg, then I went up to 47,5 kg)

amrap 12
9 thruster 45/30
9 t2b
*buy in 50 wall balls
I finished 5 rounds – RX


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