200m run
7 v-ups
7 zots press with broomstick

Basic Strength
Ring Dips (3x max reps)
3x (4,3,4)
max reps strict ring dips
12 push ups

*rest exactly 2min between sets
*stretch out chest and triceps during rest

5 snatch grip deadlift
5 snatch high pull
5 snatch grip press behind neck
5 hang power snatch

Hang Power Snatch (15×4)
emom 15
4x hang power snatch
*start light an go up every 3rd minute
*concentrate on form and speed

I started 20kg, went up 25kg, 30 kg and did the last 2 sets with 32,5 kg. I am not happy with it,hopefully I can go up to 35 kg next time but it still feels heavy because I am not doing it correctly… :/

Metcon amrap 9
6 burpees over bar
3 hang power snatch 50/35
I did 27.5 kg and worked consistently.

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