Burpeeeeeeeeees :O WOD 18/9/14

These were lots of burpees. It reminded me on the death by burpees WOD a long time ago: https://arilovescrossfit.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/death-by-burpees-12613/

I am also happy with my hang power cleans today. I did 4 reps with 50 kg and it felt good. Of course I still have to work on my technique but it gets better… When I did the regionals hang power clean with around 53 or 53 kg it was so crazy heavy and I had just lifted this weight right before the competition. So 50 kg is not that bad, I am wondering if I will be able to lift 54 kg… Getting nervous and excited…

Heavy Adaptation Week
40 su
then 2x
10 Squats
10 Hollow Rocks
10 scapula pull ups
40 su
5 clean dl
5 hang clean high pull
5 hang power clean
Hang Power Clean (14×2)
emom 14
2 hang power clean
*focus on form and speed
*start light and increase weight every 2nd minute

40sec work, 15sec rest
I. hip extensions
II. hollow roll over
III. superman med ball throw
IV. weighted sit ups
V. superman
VI. L-sit hold I could keep my legs straight for about 10 seconds, rest and then another set.
VII. zlots press

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
death by burpees (with a twist)
emom 20
I. 1 burpees
II. 2 burpees
III. 3 burpees
*continue until you cannot complete number of burpees within the minute
*as soon as you drop out, continue with 10 wall balls every minute
RX 😉 18 rounds plus 16 reps (187)+ one set of 10 wall balls

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