WOD 23/9/14

Today it was Hang Power Snatch… I really got upset in between. I started well but when I reached 37,5 kg which is about 82,6 lbs I got scared and screwed up. It felt so heavy today, my technique got worse as heavier it got and I was afraid to get under that bar. i still don’t know how to fix this. Last but not least I finished three reps with 37,5 kg but the last one did not look very descent… My long term goal is to reach 45 kg, my short term goal is 40kg BUT I have to work on my form… :/

The AMRAP was really cool. I finished first from all wods today which makes me smile. Wallballs got so much better, I did the first two or three rounds unbroken and then just broke between 6 or 7. For the snatch I used 20kg which was f***ing easy because I am not lifting very heavy with my three max rep…

After the wod I did 3 unbroken pull ups and after a little break another one, did three strict HSPU with an ab mat and finishes with some strict ring dips.

Test Week
5 ring row
5 push ups
10 hollow rocks
10 lunges

5 snatch grip deadlift
5 snatch high pull
5 snatch grip press behind neck
5 hang power snatch

Hang Power Snatch (find 3RM in 20min)

emom 12
I. 30 mountain climber
II. 20 sit ups
III. 10 superman medball throw Felt easier then in the beginning, still shoulder hurts 😦

amrap 7
13 wall balls
7 burpees
*emom do 5 hps @50% of 3rm hps

RX 121 reps


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