German Throwdown WOD 2 and WOD 20/10/14

The 2nd wod is announced:

It actually sounded better than it felt. I was really exhausted, had problems breathing during the lunges and had to stop in between, my HSPU felt so bad the last reps and I just finished 6 rounds plus 2 reps. I am still thinking about my strategy anf if I could do better. Even I am not sure about my HSPU I will repeat the wod on THursday afternoon My goal are 7 rounds…

3x 1min plank hold & 30sec side plank each side

3x 6 swings 6 squats 3 push ups

Power Clean + Jerk
5 clean deadlift
5 clean high pull
5 power clean
5 split jerk

Clean and Jerk (1×1)
power clean + jerk
e1:30mom 15
2×5 35 kg 37,5 kg
2×4 40 kg 42,5 kg 45 kg
2×3 47,5 kg 50 kg
2×2 52,5 kg
2×1 55kg
*increase every set by 0-10kg

Basic Strength
Metcon (No Measure)
emom 10
I. 7 strict hspu I did 4 the first set and then tried to do between 4 and 7 (using an ab mat)
II. 15sec kb bottom up hold each arm 12kg right and 8 kg left side FELT HEAVY

Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)
2x for max reps

amrap 2
7 power clean 60/40
7 pull ups
2min rest
RX 2 rounds plus 4 & 2 rounds plus 5


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