WOD 4/11/14

3min row
1 push ups
2 scapula push ups
3 scapula pull ups
4 squats
6 pistols (3 each leg)

Basic Strength
Bench Press (3 – 3 – max reps)
1×3 @65%
1×3 @75%
1x max reps @85% with perfect form 6x45kg, felt heavy, I don’t see a progress 😦
2×10 @ 50% 30kg
*add 0-10kg to last weeks max rep set
*rest 2min in between sets

Strict Pull Ups (4x max reps)
4x max reps pull ups
*rest exactly 2min in between sets
*try to beat last weeks score by 1rep
*if you cannot beat yourself, add another set
I was weaker than last week 5/4/4/4 I added another set 3 or 4 pull ups
My left shoulder was bad today 😦

Metcon for time
30 wall balls
9 press 60/40
30 goblet squats 24/16
15 push press 60/40
30 pistols
21 push jerk 60/40
I could not RX because of the strict press, so I did 35 kg
Time: 10:08 min


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