WOD and Skill Training 6/12/14

Deload Week
2min row
2min 5 squats 7 swings

2min banded hip flexor stretch (1min each side)
2min ido portal squat routine
2x 3 banded squats 3 wall balls

Basic Strength
Back Squat (5×5)
5×5 @70% 67,5kg
*rest 2min in between sets

Metcon emom 12
I. 8 weighted sit ups 15/10 I used 15kg
II. 8 strict t2b
III. ME L-sit
IV. 8 superman halo 2.5/1.25
V. 8 good morning 45/30
VI. ME active hold

Metcon amrap 4
row max distance
*buy in: 25 back squats 60/40
699 m
4min rest
amrap 4
row max distance
470 (about)m
*buy in: 25 burpees over the rower


Afternoon Training

Skill Butterfly Pull Up
I finally was able to do some of them, yeah…. 🙂

Warm up
5 pull ups
5 unbroken HSPU with ab mat and plate
10 m handstand walk- handstand practice

Team WOD two work at the same station for 4 rounds
40 DU (first round 80)
8 Muscle Ups or 8 HSPU – I did 4 muscle ups per round
10 butterfly pull ups


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