Wodathlon Christmas WOD Sunday, 21st 2014

It supposed to be my rest day but because of the special occasion I went to the box. Actually I could have stayed longer and do some more wods but I promised not to be there for more than two hours and of course it became four… :/ There were 24 wods in 12 hours, from 10 am to 10 pm. Some were easy going some crazy shit… I started at 1:30 pm with one max rep strict pull ups. I did 15kg but it was haaaaaard. I finished at 4:30pm with a circle training.

1) Find one max strict weighted pull up 15kg

30m bear crawl
7 hspu
7 ring dips RX 4:31 min

20 deadlift 60/40
10 high box jumps RX 1:46 min

11.: Front Rack Lunge (5×5)
e2mom 10 55kg

3 strict pull ups
5 push ups RX 4:24 min

for time
sit ups
goblet squats 24/16 RX 3:16min

40sec work, 20 sec rest
I. ghd sit up
II. plank hold
III. weighted sit ups
IV. superman halo
V. superman med ball throw
VI. ohs hold
VII. floor wiper No measure

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