Back to train 28-31st December 2014

Between the holidays there were no regular wods because the new cycle will start January 5. So they played a little bit around with different things and they were also not running all the regular class hours.
After almost a week I went back to train. I did not feel too bad after all the lazy days. I hoped all my little injuries will get a bit better but my left arm still hurt and my shoulder/neck whatever problems is not getting better. I have my MRT appointment next Tuesday, hopefully it is not a big deal and I will be 100% recovered very soon!!!!!!
Here are the wods from the last days:

Monday, December 29

Tuesday, December 30

Wednesday, December 31

I cheated on my box… :O Actually I went to Spree CrossFit because there was no class at my box. There was open gym in the morning but I missed that information… So I trained with my boyfriend at his box. It was a nice and exhausting wod and I felt it the next day… 😀

5 Station, time cap on every station 10 minutes

1) 3 rounds
6 med ball over 30/50
10 box jumps

It was the first time I did this medball throw thing and I really liked it… I could do it with 30kg, it felt hard but it was fun…

I finished after 6 minutes and sth

2) 4 rounds
20 wall balls 6/10
10 T2B

I also needed around 6 minutes plus

3) 3 rounds
10 pull ups
10 thrusters

This was kind of quick. I think I needed a little under 4 minutes.

4) 3 rounds
250 m row
15 burpees
I got tired…, haha, but finished it. I think I had around 1:30 (?!?) min left

5) 5 rounds 40/?
3 power clean
5 front squats
7 push press

I should have done this earlier… 😉 I started round five and finished the cleans. That was it… The push press felt the hardest. I have to work on my overhead lifts…. :/ 40 kg should not be that bad but with my injury I am also a little handicapped.


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