WOD 6/1/14

warm up

a) work om handstand
b) 50 su 10 hollow rocks 10 kb swings (I used 16kg)

Strenghts Press
max rep 65%
max rep 50%
max rep 40% then max rep push press
12×27.5 15×22.5 25×17.5+5 push press

WOD 2rft
21 DU
15 hspu (ab mat+20kg plates)
9 bar muscle ups 😦

I scaled to ring muscle ups- one round, I did nine ring muscle ups, 2 or 3 were not perfect, left arm strengths issues. I started round two, did 2 muscle ups, stopped at 12:40 min after the third muscle up, my left arm kinda gave up. I did not want to finish on my own while the next class was already waiting… The coach gave me some useful hints I have to work on…

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