I did strict pull ups before

30 su
3 one foot lunges each leg
5 hollow rock
7 ring rows
3min ankle mobility

Basic Strength
Back Squat (1×5)
take 20min to find new 5RM back squat
*take 43-5 sets to warm up
*rest 2-5min
I did 80/82.5/85 kg. I tried 87.5 kg but failed during the third rep, so no pr… :/

2:30min work on pistols
2:30min 4 strict t2b hold 3sec at top
20-40 du / du variation
*focus on quality movement
*rest as needed

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 9
8 t2b
12 wall balls
RX 9+2 or 3

Failure… Challenge makes u…sad 25/2/15

Oh man, I am disappointed… After we screwed up the girls benchpress WOD because we used to much weight for lifting 3500kg what took us too long, we also have a bad time at our last WOD.

It was 100 toes to bar, 75 x barbell complex (1power clean, two front rack lunges, one push press equals one rep, 50kg/35kg) 50 x kettlebell complex (5 Russian  Swings, 5 Goblet Squats equals one rep, 32kg/24kg). One of our team members can not do kipping toes to bar, only three of us did it. Also the barbell complex was uneven, one guy and me did 3 reps at once, the other two did two reps at once. They all did great but if you see whole WOD everything just took too long. My goblet squats were not very good, felt heavy today.

Anyways we needed 28:15 min, more than three minutes slower than the other team at our box, so I do think there is just a little chance we will be good enough to go to the finals.  😦 For me this is really sad, I was so excited to compete as a team and I am afraid there won’t be so many chances to go to a competition like this. I am kinda of an old athlete, mid thirties does not give me so  much more time to keep with the young guys. Situations like that always make me thinking about my CrossFit training, my success and my programming. Is it stupid to spend so much time on my workout and my technique, working on skills, trying to get stronger. What is the purpose… I don’t know – not my day today…

WOD afterwards

warm up
2×7 KB swings 7 squats 3 push ups

hang clean
I worked on high hang today to practice my shrug
5 deadlift
5 high pulls
5 front squat
5 hang clean
3 high hang clean

core work
6×30 sec; 10 sec rest
hollow hold
back hold
ohs hold (25kg)

WOD 23/2/15

3min row
10 lunges
7 ring rows
4 hollow rock

squat routine

Basic Strength
Front Squat (1×1)
take 20min to find new 1RM
*take 3-5 sets to warm up
*rest 2-3min
*focus on form
I went up till 80kg in 10kg and 5kg steps. I tried 85kg and failed… I managed 82.5…

Metcon (No Measure)
emom 10
I. 4 L-sit pull ups
II. 2 tempo ring push ups
3 plyo push ups (20kg plates)

Metcon (Distance)
amrap 6
max distance run
ca 1305m
2min rest
Metcon (Distance)
amrap 6
max distance row
1453 m

Afterwards I worked on my clean, my technique still sucks… I tried once 60kg, felt horrible today. 55kg was fine. But I got so frustrated with my form… I tried 35kg clean complex for our last qualifying wod. It felt good, we ll see

WOD 18/2/15

Strict Pull Ups
7×1 strict muscle up

20 mountain climber
10 swings
5 push ups

Hang Clean
5 clean deadlift
5 hang clean high pull
5 front squat
5 hang clean

Hang Clean (2×3)
e1:30mom 15
3 hang clean
*increase weight every 2nd set
*focus on speed and positioning throughout all sets

Basic Strength
Metcon (No Measure)
20sec work, 10sec rest
hollow hold
back support hold
ohs hold (20kg)

Metcon (No Measure)
e2mom 12
I. 8 benchpress 60/40
16 russian swings 32/24
II. 8 ring dips
16 wall balls (20lbs)

Monday WOD and Trainings Day

I love Mondays, having the opportunity to work out at 12 and do some extra work afterwards is just awesome. I took a picture from the WOD – like in good old times… 😉

Frontsquat: 55kg
WOD: RX 9:50 (not that bad 😉 )

Afterwards I worked on

push press

bench press for the next qualifying WOD
5×10 35kg

muscle up work
one strict MU
a couple of kipping MU. I used the regular grip for three MUs… First time… 🙂
two (bad looking) bar muscle up

strict pull up
7×5, one minute rest in between each set

practicing ring dips



Saturday- Challenge makes you Bääääm- 14/2/15 Valentines Day…

I rested in the morning to do the 3rd team challenge WOD afternoon. It was:

one athlet has to do one of the following WODs for the total amount of time:

a) Full Snatch 30/45kg
Bar Facing Burpees

b) Thruster 35/50kg
Bar Facing Burpees

c) Full Clean 40/60
Bar Facing Burpees

d) Deadlift 45/70
Bar Facing Burpees

I did the cleans It was quite hard. I started doing seven or eight unbroken but it hurt. Going into the depth was harder than I though and the burpees afterwards, it was though… I soon started to break the sets in threes/twos. The last set I did one by one. It felt like the fastest way. Dropping the bar, breathing and going back to it. Our total time was 27:36 min, the time was too good I guess because the judges wanted to see a video. We filmed it but is was a huge file so I hope it did not take too long to upload it on you tube… We’ss see if they are happy with our performance and will accept it. I hope we fulfil all movement standards. If so, we are on position 13 in the ranking right now…

Afterwards I did the deadlift from the morning 5×5 with 77.5kg. They felt really good. I looked for a good form and they really felt good as well… 🙂 I think I did some skill training but I did not keep track what I have exactly done… :O
At night I enjoyed a nice vegetarian cheat Valentine’s Dinner at a really great restaurant in Mitte…

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WOD 13/2/15

du ladder

8 swings
6 one foot lunges (3 each leg)
4 box jumps
2 wall extensions

Power Snatch
5 snatch deadlift
5 snatch high pull
5 snatch grip press behind neck
5 power snatch
Power Snatch (3×2)
emom 15
2 power snatch

*increase weight on every 3rd set
*start light and focus on speed throughout all sets

Basic Strength
Metcon (No Measure)
e30sec for 10min
I. 2 negative hspu
II. 4 heavy kb row each arm

CrossFit Games Open 14.1 (AMRAP – Reps)
10-Minute AMRAP of:
30 Double-Unders
15 Power Snatches, 75# / 55#