Moday-pain day 2/2/15

3×10 swings 10 kb step ups 10 kb deadlifts
3min ankle mobility
3min squat routine
2x 5 kb squats 3 squat jumps

I already felt a horrible pain in my lower back during warm up,kb deadlifts were terrible, also the step ups and the swings. During mobility part, the squat routine I had to have breaks. I think fault is my bad deadlift position last Saturday, plus a lot of lower back body work (GHD sit ups, heavy squats…) and the missing restday on Sunday.

Front Squat
1×6 @75% 60
1×4 @80% 62
1×2 @85% 67.5
1×6 @80% 65
1×4 @85% 67.5
1×2 @90% 72.5
*rest 2min in between sets
It felt fine and did not hurt…, weird. Just my knee was a bit bad…

Metcon (No Measure)
1min max reps strict hspu
1min max reps kipping hspu
1min max effort hs hold
1min rest
1min max reps alternating kb row
1min max reps ring row
1min max effort hold top of ring row

Metcon (No Measure)
emom 16
I. 5 front squat 80/50
5 high box jumps
II. 5 deadlift 80/50 I did kipping pull ups with 15kg plates and ab mat instead
5 burpees over the bar

I had to stop after3 1/2 or four rounds because my back hurt to much and also my left knee was not feeling all right. I got a bit mad because it is my week off and I wanted to work on some stuff for the next qualifying WOD. But I could not. So I tried some upper body stuff and was happy to do 3 strict muscle ups on the bar rings. They felt good… 🙂


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