2x 50 su 3 box slide ups each leg
5 push ups 7 v-up 9 swings

Metcon (No Measure)
2:30min work on pull ups
2:30min 20du /du variation
5kb snatch each arm
*focus on quality movement
*rest as needed

Basic Strength
Shoulder Press (1x max reps)
shoulder press
max reps press @70% 30×10
max reps press @60% 27.5×11
max reps press @50% 25×12
max reps press + max reps push press @40% 22.5×16+4
*rest 2min between sets
*if you fail to strict press the weight in your last set, continue with push press until failure
*score is max reps strict press in your last set

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
for total reps

amrap 4
10 t2b
10 alternating kb snatch 24/16
1min rest
amrap 4
10 kb squats 24/16
10 cal row
RX 142

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