Failure… Challenge makes u…sad 25/2/15

Oh man, I am disappointed… After we screwed up the girls benchpress WOD because we used to much weight for lifting 3500kg what took us too long, we also have a bad time at our last WOD.

It was 100 toes to bar, 75 x barbell complex (1power clean, two front rack lunges, one push press equals one rep, 50kg/35kg) 50 x kettlebell complex (5 Russian  Swings, 5 Goblet Squats equals one rep, 32kg/24kg). One of our team members can not do kipping toes to bar, only three of us did it. Also the barbell complex was uneven, one guy and me did 3 reps at once, the other two did two reps at once. They all did great but if you see whole WOD everything just took too long. My goblet squats were not very good, felt heavy today.

Anyways we needed 28:15 min, more than three minutes slower than the other team at our box, so I do think there is just a little chance we will be good enough to go to the finals.  😦 For me this is really sad, I was so excited to compete as a team and I am afraid there won’t be so many chances to go to a competition like this. I am kinda of an old athlete, mid thirties does not give me so  much more time to keep with the young guys. Situations like that always make me thinking about my CrossFit training, my success and my programming. Is it stupid to spend so much time on my workout and my technique, working on skills, trying to get stronger. What is the purpose… I don’t know – not my day today…

WOD afterwards

warm up
2×7 KB swings 7 squats 3 push ups

hang clean
I worked on high hang today to practice my shrug
5 deadlift
5 high pulls
5 front squat
5 hang clean
3 high hang clean

core work
6×30 sec; 10 sec rest
hollow hold
back hold
ohs hold (25kg)

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