15.1 15.1a – In the box

I went to the box in the early afternoon to do the wods. My hands still weren’t the best but I thought if I totally screw it up I can repeat it on Monday…
Me and another girl did it together. The last times I had so much trouble with the jerk, we haven’t done it for a while and I am so scared of getting under the bar. The day before I could not even lift 55kg which is stupid because my one rep max push press is 52.5kg… :/

15.1 felt okay, I finished 5 rounds= 150 reps which is okay. I had a couple of no reps during Toes2Bar, if I would repeat I should focus on them more and find a better paste in the last rounds. I also should go back to the snatches a bit earlier, not taking to long of a break in between them.

My clean and jerk was okay. I started 50kg easily, 55kg still felt fine. I went up to 60 kg and got it. I tried 62.5 kg and the bar got heavy. I hit the clean but not the jerk. I tried again and made it… BUT I did not go under the bar because of my fear, this is so shitty, it would be so much more easier if I would just try it. I feel I have the strengths but I only did a little step and bent my back instead of going down…, definitely more dangerous… Mmh…, so I think I won’t be much better in 15.1a if I repeat. 15.1 could be a bit faster but probably only a couple of reps. So, it is not worth repeating it I guess, because doing the Open in Europe is more fun than real competition anyways in comparing to all the crazy strong athletes…


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