French Throwdown und WOD 28/4/14

We were not really excited but we decided to do the last qualification WOD for the French Throwdown:
After two workouts we are on the 20th, 28 teams will go to the finals.
It is hard to focus because we are going to the Bäääm Challenge this weekend and I feel quite exhausted and tired. So here we go:

7 min amrap
3 min chest to bar pull ups
rest one minute three minutes Karen (150 wall balls) minus the chest to bar

Just me and the other girl from our team did it, our scores were not that good but chest to bar pull ups are not our strengths, as long as we can’t do proper butterfly pull ups, it always takes too long.
I finished 42 pull ups and 62 wall balls, perhaps I could do better with the wall balls, taking less rest and having a better scheme for breaking them down. I had really stupid random sets of 25, 10, 8, 3 and so on… Hopefully the guys will do the wod as well and then we will see our final score.

Afterwards I did the class but not the wod, would have been chest to bar pull ups again… :=O
300m run
10 squats
10 lunges each leg
squat routine

2x 5 clean deadlift
5 clean high pull
5 power clean

Basic Strength
Back Squat (1×5)
e2mom 12
5 squats 35/45/55/65/75/80
2 high box squat jumps
*work up to a weight that feels heavy but not slow

Power Clean
e1:30mom 12
2×5 30/35
2×3 40/45
4×2 50/55/57.5/60
*work up to a weight that feels heavy but not slow

Metcon (No Measure)
45 sec work, 15sec rest
I. sit ups
II. superman
III. hollow rock
IV. superman medball throw
V. floor wiper
VI. superman halo
VII. russian twist

WOD 27/4/15

I practiced some chest to bar pull ups, using butterfly style, well still not perfect… It is hard for me to touch the bar with my chest and keep the rhythm…

We actually need c2Bs for the last and final French Throwdown WOD:

3 min amrap/buy in c2b pull ups
1 min rest
3 min Karen 150/100 wall balls inus the c2b pull ups
I am afraid I won’t get a lot chest to bar pull ups, my kip is not that strong. I ll probably try on Tuesday before the wod.

I had a little physiotherapy session before I joint the class because my shoulder and back are not the best, the stupid pain is back…

Bench Press (1×5)
e2mom 12
5 bench press
3 plate hops (hands)
*work up to a weight that feels heavy but not slow

scapula stability + max reps push & pull (2 Rounds for reps)
3x 6I’s 4 T’s 2 Y’s
30sec rest
max reps pull ups 11/8/7
30sec rest
max reps push ups 35/25/21
1min rest

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
4x for max reps
30sec work, 30sec rest
I. 100m run
max reps plate g2o 20/15
II. 100m run
max reps plate hops (feet)
I did not really keep track on it because it was not my wod.. also it was rainy and slippery, so I slowed down a little… OHOH

Morning WOD Training for our team competition…. 25/4/15

In the morning I just headed to the regular 9:30 am class.. It was a nice but not so challenging wod which was actually fine ’cause I had to come back in the afternoon to train for our team competition on the next weekend:

We actually qualified with two teams: ICKE King & Icke Kong. Two man and the women per team. They already released a couple of the wods and we are not too excited. Some of the movements and exercises are a little bit weird, other stuff is just too difficult, starting the women’s snatch ladder with 45kg for team members is quite hard. Also triple unders and chest to bar ring pull ups, hevy kb thrusters are part of the wods… Mmh, we’ll see.

Here you can see the workouts which are already released:

We’ll leave next Friday for the whole weekend to Bavaria where the challenge will take place. This will be the soreness of my life afterwards. 😉 Today I will go for some snatch and skill work but before resting the rest of the Sunday…

1x 300m run
1x 5m duck walk 10m bear crawl 15 jumping jack
3x 1min plank, 30 sec side plank each side

Basic Strength
Kettlebell Press (1×3)
take 15min to work up to a heavy set of 3
I finished wit the sets, 16kg

Kettlebell Row (1×2)
kb row
12 – 2 each arm
started 24kg, last set 28kg
*rest 1min between sets

Metcon (No Measure)
in teams of 2
2x 1:20min work, 40sec rest
I. 50m prowler push
II. burpee tire flip
III. 50m sled pull
IV. deep squat kb hold
V. 15m waiters walk
VI. 15m plate pinch
VII. thruster (heavy)
*one works, one rests, *choose weights as needed

Afternoon session
We practiced for:

12 Chest to Ring Pull-ups
30 Wall Balls Athlete 1 Elite: 30 / 20 lbs; Masters: 20 / 14 lbs
9 Backsquats (each athlete) Elite: 80 / 55 kg; Masters: 60 / 40 kg
24 Chest to Ring Pull-ups
30 Wall Balls Athlete 2 Elite: 30 / 20 lbs; Masters: 20 / 14 lbs
6 Frontsquats (each athlete) Elite: 80 / 55 kg; Masters: 60 / 40 kg
36 Chest to Ring Pull-ups
30 Partner Wall Balls Elite: 30 / 20 lbs; Masters: 20 / 14 lbs
3 Overhead Squat (each athlete) Elite: 80 / 55 kg; Masters: 60 / 40 kg

I worked up to the clean, did some back squats and front squats, practiced the ring chest to bars and wall balls and then actually did the wod. In the time cap we came up to the partner wall balls
After the heavy wall balls the front squats felt hard…

We did a weightlifting complex afterwards, worked up to 55kg:
– power clean, front squat,back squat, overhead squat
50kg felt totally fine for the OHS, 55kg it was hard to stabilise the bar but I could do the OHS.

Last but not least wie did some heavy wall balls, alone and partner and I did some strict pull ups, a strict muscle up but then I was quite tired and finished training… nice trainings day but exhausting…, couple more days to go…

WOD 24/4/15

Practice DU
2x 10 swings
10 squats
5 deadlift w/ barbell
squat routine

Basic Strength
Back Squat (4×2)
e1:30mom 12
2×5 45/50
2×3 55/60
4×2 @(33×0) 62.5/65/67/72.5
*work up to a heavy set of 2
*don’t exceed 70%
*focus on tempo!!

Deadlift (1×3)
e1:30mom 12
2×5 45/55
1×4 65
5×3 75/85/90/95/100
*work up to a heavy set of 3 reps touch and go
*don’t exceed 85%

1x40sec work, 20sec rest
I. superman medball throw
II. landmine twist
III. superman halo
IV. floor wiper
V. zots press
VI. ab wheel
VII. back extensions

Metcon (Time)
139 du
39 wall balls
9 strict hspu
(9min timecap)
RX 5:32 min

3x 15m bearcrawl
10 scapula pull ups
5 plank to push up each arm

3x 1min plank
30 sec side plank each side

Basic Strength
Shoulder Press (1×2)
3×10 @50%
Kettlebell Row (1×2)
kb row
12 – 2 each arm
*rest 1min between setsl
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 20
600m run
300m one handed farmers walk 24/16
15 kb squats 24/16


practice du
15m bear crawl
5 ring rows
5 T’s
5 push ups
5 sdhp

Basic Strength
Kettlebell Press (10×10)10kg
10 kb press
Kettlebell Row (10×10)
10 kb row each arm 20kg

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
40 sec work, 20sec rest
for total reps
I. cal row
II. kb sdhp 32/24
III. sled pull 60/40
IV. du
V. t2b
VI. sandbag g2s
VII. ghd sit ups
RX 383