WOD and training 9/4/15


Next week we will start the new cycle, so today it was still more fun time and partner wod. I won’t be in town until Sunday night, so there will be no CrossFit training for me in the next three days – again… :/
Warm Up
600 m run
3×5 push ups, 7 hollow rocks, 9 ring rows

Find your one rep max weighted pull up in 15 min – 20,05 kg
max rep weighted pu with 50% of your max: 4 reps only 🙂

WOD teams of 2
1) 12 min row for distance while one holds 2 kbs in front rack position (16kg)
rest 3 min
2)8 min amrap- one works, one rests, each has to finish one round
1 wall walk
2 box over
3 burpees
2 wall walks
3 box over …

Afterwards I did shoulder press and OHS – both felt heavy
I can not move forward with my press program, so I did
1x40kg four times
5×25/35/40/45 kg – heavy 😦


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