WOD 27/4/15

I practiced some chest to bar pull ups, using butterfly style, well still not perfect… It is hard for me to touch the bar with my chest and keep the rhythm…

We actually need c2Bs for the last and final French Throwdown WOD:

3 min amrap/buy in c2b pull ups
1 min rest
3 min Karen 150/100 wall balls inus the c2b pull ups
I am afraid I won’t get a lot chest to bar pull ups, my kip is not that strong. I ll probably try on Tuesday before the wod.

I had a little physiotherapy session before I joint the class because my shoulder and back are not the best, the stupid pain is back…

Bench Press (1×5)
e2mom 12
5 bench press
3 plate hops (hands)
*work up to a weight that feels heavy but not slow

scapula stability + max reps push & pull (2 Rounds for reps)
3x 6I’s 4 T’s 2 Y’s
30sec rest
max reps pull ups 11/8/7
30sec rest
max reps push ups 35/25/21
1min rest

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
4x for max reps
30sec work, 30sec rest
I. 100m run
max reps plate g2o 20/15
II. 100m run
max reps plate hops (feet)
I did not really keep track on it because it was not my wod.. also it was rainy and slippery, so I slowed down a little… OHOH


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