WOD 18/5/15

I came earlier today and decided to do the wod on my own and work on some skills afterwards

warm up 300 m run
2x 7 squats 6 ring rows 5 ? push ups 3 T’s

bench press
5×2 25kg/35kg
2×3 40kg/45kg
4×2 ) started 50kg and did another 4 sets with 52.5kg

bent over row
5×2 25kg/30kg
2×3 35kg/40kg
4×2 45kg pause 3sec on the top

6 I’s 4 T’s 2 I’s
30 sec res
max strict pull up 12/7/7
30 sec rest
max push ups 34/20/20
1 min rest

burees box jump overs
RX 6:17 min

emom 10
1 strict muscle up

– practice strict handstand push up – NOT GOOD TODAY
– snatch drop
– 3×10 weighted sit ups (15kg)

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The unique @berlinari at drop snatches.

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