Tuesday – back in the gym… 26/5/15

All classes were fully booked, so I did my training on my own during open gym but actually changed it a bit. I decided to finally do Jacky for the first time… Yeah… 😉

Back Squat (1×4)
e2mom 12
4 squats I finished with 90kg, I focused on heavy weight, not on being fast… I feel that I have to lift heavy more often, so I don’t get afraid because of the weights and I do think it helps my body to get stronger, volume and heavy lifting…
2 high box squat jumps
*work up to a weight that feels heavy but not slow

Power Clean (4×2)
e1:30mom 12
2×5 30k/35kg
2×3 45kg/50
4×2 55kg/60/2×62.5kg

WOD Jackie
1000 m row
50 thruster – 20kg
30 pull ups
RX 8:59 min

I did some little things afterwards, strict pull ups, strict hspu, couple of ghd sit ups and some overhead squats.


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